School Days Are Here!

I’m having a mixed feeling this coming school year.

My three grade schoolers went back to their previous school, at Lord’s Jewels Christian School. Among the many grade school they’ve been, this is the school that they want to go back with especially when they see the activities they used to do there — and it happened.

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They will all be having the same schedule, from 7:15 am to 2pm, but a bit longer for the big brother and the big sister. Which means, I’ll be kid-free for about half of my day, five times a week!

I could only imagine the number of hours I can work with nothing but peace and quite. Actually, I’m about to make my schedule and post it on my workspace (oh wait, I don’t have a workspace yet)! I gave up my mini working table because we used it for the kitchen. I tried this makeshift working table instead but only for days because I am not comfortable and I know my laptop is at risk of falling once the kids accidentally pull this luggage. I went back working on our dining table and on the bed.

I’ll do my best to be done before the kids arrive from school so I can attend to them and help them with their studies. LJCS still use their zero-based grading system and it has been challenging for all of us before. I am thankful though that my kids, especially my daughter Erin, got used to that system and was even hailed Top 1 during the last two grading periods.

So there, that is actually what causes my stomach to churn sometimes when I think of my kids starting their classes this June 13. And it’s because I am a hands-on mom when it comes to my kids’ studies. New school (for my youngest), new classmates, new teachers and new lessons they should all study and learn.

We already bought them new school shoes and boy we got such a good deal with these! See? We got these for almost half of their prices!

back to school shoes
Gibi Back-to-School shoes for my girls/ Mendrez for my unico hijo



If you are a mom like me, how are you preparing your kids for this school year? Do you also look forward to the time when your kids are at school? I am glad to know that I am not alone with this so feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section!

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