A Typical Day

I had a terrible headache yesterday I nearly bang my head on the wall.

I took two Biogesic tablet like I am used to but it didn’t go away. I wore my eyeglasses even when I’m lying on the bed. I took an afternoon nap hoping I’ll feel better when I wake up but I didn’t.

a mom's typical day


It lasted the whole day so my youngest daughter strictly told me not to work on that night. And I did.

Come morning and I tried to feel my head if it’s still throbbing— it’s not!

So I got out of our bed and prepared myself a cup of coffee as I sat in our living room. It’s only 5am.

I looked around and thought of re-arranging our furniture again. Yes, at 5am! But I knew the husband will protest so when he went off to work, I told the kids to stay inside our room after their breakfast because I will be cleaning our living room.

It’s been two months since we moved but I haven’t made any decorations yet. Our picture frames are still in boxes, I haven’t had our shelves installed and my workspace is still in progress.

As I re-arrange our sofa, I turned on our radio and boy Backstreet Boys was on! I added up the volume and my kids went out of the room and wailed “yay! oldies!”.

And then a Nelly song (Ride wit Me) came next and I heard them talking:

Daughter 1: I bet that singer is already dead!

Daughter 2: Or very old!

Son: That’s mommy’s jam! Don’t mess with her (but he had a huge grin on his face)

Me: Get inside the room! And they ran out laughing.

Hmp! Kids!

I’m done cleaning at around 10am and when they saw our living room they all said “Wow! Can we watch TV now?!

Oh well…


This is just one of the many typical days for me as a mom of three. How about you?

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