Every Day I am Hustling, But How Can I Not Be Thankful

Sometimes I wonder, what if I knew freelancing before I had my own family? Perhaps I could become a digital nomad who travels the country while working at my own place and time. But then again, reality bites— I’ve got three kids to take care of and another one who seems to be harder to take care of these days than the kids— my husband (I’m guessing it could be the almost eleven years of us being married).

ups and downs of freelancing

Rainy season is almost here and unlike last year, my family and I can sleep soundly at night even if it’s raining hard. We’re now living in a condo-type apartment on the second floor. It was late when we found out that the house we got last year was prone to flood during heavy rain, what more if there’s a typhoon?  We just got lucky because of the “El Nino” last year and we were spared from experiencing a flood. With “La Nina” this year, we were just so relieved to be living in a higher place now.

What does the rainy season get something to do with me being a freelancer?

For one, I am so thankful that with this kind of weather, I don’t need to go out of the rain to work. When I watch the news and see how bad the traffic is, because of the rain and flood, I always tell my kids that we are so lucky I work from home. Then I would reiterate to them how hard it was going to and come from work when I used to work in a print and publishing company with that kind of weather.

Classes are about to start this June and we have a lot of bills to pay i.e. tuition fees, books, school supplies, and uniforms for our three kids, I feel like hustling every.single.day. The husband’s projects are yet to materialise, he’s still working it out with his clients (he’s into the high-end built-in kitchen by the way) hence I do most of the hustling these days. And just as I’ve said, how can I not be thankful when I am still at home, with my kids, doing my usual household chores, doing what I love, writing and social media management, being appreciated by my co-workers and my boss from other countries and still— pay check comes to my bank account?

But to be honest, though freelancing seems to be easy and rewarding, it is not. You need to really, really love doing it, determined to master your craft and deliver high-quality outputs for your clients to be able to survive. True, freelancing is not for the faint-hearted.

Would you believe I failed clients before? I got a very bad feedback and my success score dropped way below that I couldn’t imagine. I also failed my mentor when we moved and got distracted by some of our personal problems. I told myself perhaps this would be the end of my freelancing career.

But I got up. I still owed the words of encouragement from my mentor and the support and understanding of my foreign boss. As of this writing, I am looking into a new client’s account and looking forward to having additional hours to work (fingers crossed).

Every day I am hustling and I will keep on hustling because it is the best thing that I ever did for my family and myself as a mom who stays at home.


Do you want to try freelancing too? What do you think are your best skills? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

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