How To Make Sure That Your Home Is Totally Family-Friendly

Families bring about a lot of changes. No-one should be surprised about that. Not only do you have little ones to look after and a space that you need to provide for them. You also need to rethink all your space as a whole. The home as you know it is in the process of undergoing a drastic change. It’s only natural that the change is reflected in the layout and décor in the home as much as a number of people in it. Whether you’re getting ready for a new family or adapting a home to an existing one, changes will need to be made. If you really want to create a family-friendly home, then read on and consider what you still have left to do.

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The bedrooms

First, you need to consider the kind of space that everyone’s going to have in the home. Everyone should have their own space fit to their own tastes and needs. While you might want the top innerspring mattresses on the market, your kids might want water beds. Of course, while accommodating for different tastes, you need to be sensible. For a school-aged child’s room, for example, you might want to consider beds that double as fold-out desks. Another thing to consider is the likelihood that children might need to share a room. Definitely a possibility for those with a larger family. While they might not have their own room, you can use things like divisions to ensure that they still have their own space.

The garden

From some of the most intimate parts of the home to the most wide open! If you have a garden large enough for your family, it can be a tremendous space for the whole lot. But that’s something that can be difficult to find a balance in. Sometimes, a treadmill and marked grass will dominate the whole space. The trick it to create spaces for both the adults and the kids. For example, setting up some decking where you can enjoy a meal or a glass of wine. At the same time, you might have a sandpit dug for the kids. Children love natural playing spaces that engage their explorative natures. You don’t have to kit the whole garden out with toys to make it a joy for them.

The kitchen

Unlike the other rooms of the home, making your kitchen family friend is a lot more reliant on making sure that it’s safe for everyone to be in. Child-proofing the cabinets is a necessity, first and foremost. Keep detergents and the like well out of their way. It might be common knowledge for you to not put anything from those packets in your mouth. For your children, however, they might only see bright, colorful packages that smell nice. Another good idea can be making your kitchen a multipurpose room. Whether it’s a dining room or a living room, getting rid of the space between it solves a few things. It makes it easier to keep an eye on your family, as well as socialize with them. Also, give them more space to be with you without getting under your feet when you’re cooking or cleaning.


Just as we were with the kitchen, we need to be a lot more safety focused when it comes to the bathroom. Childproofing a bathroom is relatively simple. Keeping it locked when children as particularly young is a great step, first and foremost. A toilet lock can be an extra precaution for ensuring no accidents with that, too. Cabinets in bathrooms tend to be higher than in the kitchen, but even so it’s safer to childproof them anyway. One of the biggest dangers in the bathroom is the risk of drowning. Make sure you don’t let water pool if you’re not there. Not for a moment.

A space to create

One of the best things you can ensure for the family and for yourself is a creative space in the home. We all have our needs and desires a lot of us to tend to dip into our creative side when we have the opportunity. If you have space in a shed or a basement, consider converting it. You don’t need a whole room to encourage your kids to get creative, however. One great addition to any lively household is a chalkboard wall. It gives everyone the creative space they need. Whether it’s to leave funny messages or make lovely art. It stops the kids from drawing on the walls you want to be kept (somewhat) spotless, too.

A space to work

It’s not all fun and games, however. There is a lot of work that needs to be done in the home. If you’re like me, that means your actual work. How you make your living. For others, it can mean filling tax forms or setting up household budgets. It can also be the homework that anyone seeking education needs to get done. For that reason, it’s a great idea to set up a shared home office space. Particularly if not everyone has a bedroom. People need a space they can avoid distraction and get their work done. Particularly as the kids grow older and join you in the happy world of having responsibilities.

A space to be together

Perhaps the most important (in my opinion) to sustaining a family life is the family room. Already, I’ve suggested going for an open plan that makes two rooms into one. Even if you can’t do that, make sure that the family space in the family/living room is distinctly laid out. Keep furniture close, featured on a focal point. For example, a family-friend cushioned coffee table could do. That not only keeps the family close when sitting together, but it leaves the area around it clear. That’s a lot more clearly navigable space for the younger members of the family. They should have a space in the family room, too. Fashion takes something of a backseat to ensure that everyone has a place they can sit and relax.

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