Valentine’s Day 2016

We’ve been married for ten years and not once did my husband gave me flowers on Valentine’s Day nor on any other occasions— just now.

valentine's day gifts 2016

My husband and I had been watching Valentine’s specials on different television shows since the start of February. It’s not that we love those kind of shows but because they are just in every channels. When he asked me if I would love flowers on V-day I abruptly answered “Thanks, but no thanks! Better treat me for a sumptuous food tripping than spend money on flowers”. And he joked about me getting bigger these days because I often pig out on food.

This morning, he was scheduled to drop by their office, pick up something and go back home. Since it’s a Saturday, I started early on doing my laundry. He called around 10am and asked me if I bathed already and I said yes. He said he will stay longer in the office and probably be home by late afternoon. It was fine with me.

Thirty minutes after he called, he rung the doorbell and the kids went out to open the gate for him since I was in the kitchen preparing to cook our lunch. He’s still not getting in so I went out and I saw my girls giggling as they say “Mommy look! Daddy has something for you!”

The moment he handed me the flowers (or so I thought) and chocolates, I exclaimed “nyek! ang corny! But it’s just a cover up actually.

vday flowers 2016

He just laughed and said, “mark this year, because you will have to count another ten years before I give you stuff like these again.”

I tried to hide the “kilig” feeling but I guess it showed in this photo when my kids insisted on taking a picture of me. They even want to take a picture of their Dad handing these to me, but the husband protested already! (nakokornihan na din kasi haha!)

Valentine's Day 2016

Nevertheless, he made our Valentine’s day this year a lot different with the flowers and chocolates thingy. Oh, and mind you, the flowers are edible! They were actually called “Pastillas Roses” made by Sweet Blooms.

He still considered my passion for eating noh? hihi.. And I commend his efforts on making it some-kind-of-a-surprise even though he’s been keeping up with a “sungit queen wifey” for ten years and counting. I have yet to buy him a gift though so most probably it’s going to be a super delayed present already.


How do you plan to celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day?

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