My Blogging Evolution

When I got a personal message from my classmate in high school, asking me if I have turned into a mom blogger after I shared my post about Venice in the Philippines, I felt nostalgic about my mom blogging career. Actually, it was more than five years since I delved into the world of blogging and I can’t help but to look back at those years.

Allow me to get down on memory lane, okay?

My first blog was born in the late 2009 under the name of Scrapolous Mom of Three. It was on a free blogging platform, Blogger a.k.a. Blogspot. I was working in a print and publishing company then. Out of stress and sometimes boredom, I took advantage of the free Internet access in our office since we didn’t have that at home.

blogging evolution

I derived the word “Scrapolous” from the term “scrap”. I was hooked in Digital Scrapbooking that time and my intention of creating a blog was actually to showcase my craft. It kept me sane from toxic superiors in our office too.

I discovered different mommy blogs through blog hopping and forums. From them, I learned that earning is possible through blogging. Sponsored posts, paid banners, and writing product reviews are just few of their so called “residual income”.

That’s how I came up with my 2nd blog, My Mind’s Outburst, a month after I launched SMT. The purpose of it was to write reviews and be known to brands who can be my potential partners for sponsored posts and product reviews.

I kept on doing what I love during my free time— writing. I can say that it was a success when my two blogs both received high page ranks and advertisers in and out of the Philippines recognized me.

Until I got tired of writing for them.

I missed interacting with fellow mommy bloggers. On sharing my posts because most of the time, it sounded “promotional”.

So, in April 2010, Story Book Mom blog was born.

I describe this blog as my online refuge. It’s not easy being a work-at-home mom to three rowdy kids plus a husband. I am a self-confessed homebody and having a chit-chat with neighbours is not my cup of tea. I’d rather air out my thoughts by writing here. Whether people discuss about me and my family because of what I shared here is perfectly fine with me (at least they drive traffic to my site haha!)

Unlike most of my fellow mom bloggers, I rarely go to events (it’s not that no one invites me, but because I often find myself declining the invitations). I rarely received gifts/packages (whether they are for product reviews or a token of appreciation for blogging a product). I only have a small following on my social media accounts and I don’t get a lot of comments in my posts.

Honestly speaking, I love to go to events, received gifts, have a large number of followers and a lot of comments. The problem is, I don’t think I have spare time and efforts to make these things possible.

Remember, I have three kids attending grade school. A husband. A home to clean Writing and social media management jobs. There’s just a lot on my plate. But I do hope, one of these days— I can squeeze my time to achieve these goals.

Meanwhile, I try my best to maintain this third blog of mine because it has another purpose, other than my online refuge from being a WAHM, it also serves as my online writing portfolio.

In 2010, I landed my first writing job, with a steady monthly paycheck. I worked for that company for one and a half year at the comfort of our home. I asked my employer how he found me and said he found me through my blog.

Even before that one and a half year stint with his company, I am also writing for clients in Upwork (formerly oDesk). And thankfully, I never ran out of writing gigs because it’s either I show them this blog or they would find it themselves.

In 2014, I met and worked with my mentor in Social Media Management. I believe it was fate that she found me online and recommended me to his boss even though she didn’t know me personally. And guess what— I believe it’s through this blog again why my name popped in the Google Search when she searched for a freelancer to work with them.


I’ve been on and off to blogging, but whenever I feel like I need to trigger my brain’s creative juice (just like now) I am glad I always have this blog to keep me company. And thankfully, I retain my PR2 ranking, despite the gaps on my blog posts.

So, from blogging to showcase my craft, to earn through paid reviews and sponsored posts, and to keep my presence online for possible online jobs— I am confident to say that I am happy to where I am now as a mom blogger.


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