A Taste of Venice for a Day

On the first weekend of 2016, my family had a taste of Venice!

A taste of Venice


Without leaving the Philippines, my family and I spent a day of photo opportunities as we walked our way through the latest attraction in McKinley Hill– the Venice Grand Canal Mall.

I’ve seen the viral photos posted on the Internet sometime last year about a place here in the Philippines where you can experience Venetian vibes with inspirations from the grandeur of one of the most magnificent place in Italy–  The Grand Canal in Venice.

We seldom went out during the holidays because of the horrible traffic we often see in the news. As the new year started, we still haven’t gone out and even missed a family reunion with my dad’s relatives. Since school is about to resume on Wednesday for my kids, I searched the Internet last night on where can we go for a quick day tour aside from Eastwood, SM Malls, and Galleria (our usual family hang out places). I find it easier to browse Instagram than Facebook and tada! I saw selfie pictures of fellow Filipinos in the newly opened Venice Grand Canal Mall. We decided to go there the following day.

It only took us one ride to arrive at McKinley Hill– through a taxi cab, that is hehe.. It costs us Php250 coming from our place in Cainta. We left our home past 11am and arrived at around 12:30pm. There were few people when we got there. Since I already talked to my kids and the husband that the place is actually meant for unlimited photo opportunities, the first thing I did was to made them pose and smile for the camera hehe..

Venice Grand Canal Mall
This was the first tarp we saw when we entered the mall. We asked the friendly receptionist to take a photo of us .

I read that the mall opens at 11am so our timing is just perfect because we had great shots in every corner of the place. So, first tip– if you want to take advantage of the views, better come in the morning even as soon as the mall opens. There were a lot of people already at around 2pm and the place looked crowded already. I tell you, it was almost like in Divisoria. Though some may choose to go in the evening for a different views at night, with lighted post lamps, I guess.

These well crafted facades and rustic exteriors will truly give you that “Venetian vibes”.

venice piazza in the Philippines

Venice in the Philippines

Italy in the Philippines

Venice sa Pinas


Italy sa Pinas

Feeling tourist in Venice

Second tip, for greater shots as if you are really in Venice, you might want to dress a little casual. I noticed most girls were in dresses and guys were in polo. Some of them even brought props like hats and umbrellas for fun.

We haven’t had our lunch yet so when my kids complained and said enough of the picture taking, we walked inside their food hall a.k.a food court.

Venice in the Philippines food hall
Classy food court, isn’t it?

The only food stall operating that time is Sbarro though there are many other stalls soon to open.

Sbarro Venice Grand Canal MallWe kept on walking and saw this:

Robinsons Selections Venice Grand Canal Mall

The husband was quick enough to come in and found this:

food to go Venice Grand Canal Mall

I noticed that while there were many people outside taking photos, only few came in to the food hall to eat!

Third tip– the place may seem classy but you don’t have to worry about the food especially if you are there for photo opportunities only like us hehe. There are restaurants and other fast food chain upon the entrance of the mall, but I recommended this Food to Go. There are variety of Filipino viands and the price is cheap– from Php100-140 you can enjoy a delicious lunch. Rice costs around Php20. Foods come in take out boxes and disposable utensils.

The food hall is clean and while Christmas songs were still playing , we decided to hang out a little more in there. My kids asked if they can use my cellphone and only then when we found out that Wi-Fi is available! Another plus point for the place eh?!

When the kids got bored, we went out and had few more shots before we leave the place. That was around 3pm and boy the place was already crowded.

a taste of venice sa Pinas

I took these last few shots of the Venice Grand Canal Mall. I believe the place is not yet fully operational as there are still many un-opened shops and restaurants and the gondola ride is not yet working but they opened it to the public anyway.

The Real Venice Grand Canal in Italy (photo credits: Google)
The Real Venice Grand Canal in Italy (photo credits: Google)

We had a taste of Venice for a day and it was indeed a wonderful experience for me and my family!


Venice Grand Canal Mall

McKinley Hill Taguig




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