2016— Hello!

This is very unusual.

On the first day of the year, I’m blogging!

Looks like a promising start so I’ll keep my fingers crossed till umm.. better not to say until when.

Anyway, we were supposed to be on a family reunion with my dad’s relatives today but I don’t feel like going because it’s a gloomy day so we just stayed at home. The kids are in the other room, taking advantage of the remaining days when they can use their gadgets while the husband is asleep.

After checking my emails, greeting my clients a happy new year, and visited this long forgotten blog, here I am, writing a “Hello 2016” blog post.

Family Picture 2016

I celebrated New Year’s Eve last night with just my husband and our kids. It was our first time to be away with my extended family since we moved a little far from their place. Thought it was going to be sad because it’s just us but no. I cherished that moment when it’s just us lighting fireworks, taking pictures and eating our simple midnight feast. Not too loud as what we are used to but it was BLISS for me. And with that, I knew I am looking forward to a more peaceful, simple and blessed 2016 for me and my family. Aside from the fact that this year is the Year of the Fire Monkey, my year– so I am claiming all the positive vibes as of this day till the year ends!

Wishing you all the same for 2016!

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