How I Started My Work from Home Career

start a work from home careerI went out to see my friend/mentor the other week and and just as expected, I was caught in traffic on my way to our meeting place. While being stuck in the van, I saw how people were rushing in and out for work and I silently said a little prayer because I was given the opportunity to work from home. But to be honest, it is not an easy-peasy career especially with my three grade schoolers, a demanding husband, a little business on the side and a home to manage. I invest a lot of hard work, perseverance and discipline to be able to survive in this kind of work from home set up. Thankfully, I’m on my fifth year and still loving it.

Aside from my close relatives, some of my friends and blog readers asked me how I started my work from home career. I answered them through personal messages and now that I have a couple of minutes to write on this blog, might as well share it here too.

So, are you ready? Here it goes:

  • I started a blog.

Initially, I created this blog to air out my thoughts and feelings in words— an online diary if I may say. I never knew people will find time to visit and actually read my posts. I write in English to hone my writing skills.

This blog has been my gate pass to freelance writing and though I am not a professional writer, my clients are more than satisfied with my craft.

Do you want to start a work from home career too? Here’s my tip:

Start a blog, even a personal one. The goal here is to have your own place online where you can showcase your writing skills. And as much as possible, use the universal language in writing. In time, you’ll get the hang of incorporating SEO, keywords, tags and others on your blog. I learned a lot from a San Diego SEO company called Planet Marketing. By doing so, you’ll get a wider reach for potential clients, not only locals,  who need writing services from freelancers.

  • I created my account on Upwork (formerly Odesk).

I discovered this online job marketplace by accident.

I was asked by a friend to write articles for her when she found out that I have blogs. I was paid a minimal amount in exchange of those. That time, I was wondering what she’ll do with those articles. I searched on the Internet and typed in “write articles with payment” and tada! Links to Upwork popped in. Signing up is free so naturally, I signed up. In between my 9-5 job, I applied for fixed rate writing jobs. I was side hustling then and only applied and landed hourly jobs when I quit my day time job. The rest, as they say, is history.

Do you want to start a work from home career too? Here’s my tip:

Do not just sign up on Upwork and then forget about your account. If you really want to land a job, you have to take your profile to a higher level. Include all your credentials and work experiences. Remember to include your blog on your portfolio too (that is if you followed my first tip). There are tests you can take to increase your chance of getting hired, do not hesitate to try them all! Lastly, be creative in writing your cover letter. With perseverance, you’ll get your first client from Upwork in no time.

LinkedIn is different from other social media accounts. It is a professional network where you can connect and be found by potential clients in your field. I was never enticed to sign up here before but when I saw my co-bloggers, former boss and colleagues— I thought to myself “why not!”

After that, I was surprised to received a message in my inbox offering me a writing job from a person, whom I later found out, after checking out his LinkedIn profile, was the CEO of his company. Today, I have writing jobs outside Upwork, and my clients discovered my services through LinkedIn. Payments are made through my Paypal account on a weekly/monthly basis.

Do you want to start a work from home career too? Here’s my tip:

Simple. Sign up on LinkedIn too! There is really nothing to lose. Just keep your profile concise and up to date. Engage from time to time to make your profile visible to potential clients. Do not forget to grow your network too! Best people to invite are your colleagues, past and present superiors— people who are more likely to commend you on your job.

  • I have mentors.

I consider my first client in Upwork as my mentor. He had thought me a lot when it comes to article writing. The second mentor I had was my first long term client, we worked for two years! Aside from writing articles, I also learned social media management through his guidance. My third mentor was the one whom I had a date with the other week. She was heaven sent to me. She’s more than a beauty and brain person— she’s the most generous person I’ve known. And generous not just on material things but more on sharing what she knows. I highly appreciates all the mentoring she did to me and I will try my best to follow her footsteps.

With my beauty and brain friend/mentor. A Digital Marketing Strategist turned into a Scrum Master.

Do you want to start a work from home career too? Here’s my tip:

Look for a mentor. And this person has got to be on the same field of interest like yours. Not only will she/he will help you boost your confidence, this person will also be your guide in achieving your goal to be successful in working from home.

Well, my free time is up but I hope this post will help you to start your own work from home career.

Got questions? Feel free to post them in the comment section!

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