10 Ways Husband and Wife Annoys Each Other

My husband keeps on asking me if I will write a blog post about our 10th year wedding anniversary and I said yes– just to shut him up. It has  been three days since we started our countdown to our 11th wedding anniversary and I still haven’t blog about our 10th!

10 Ways Husband and Wife Annoys Each Other

To be honest, that day passed by like an ordinary day. He was supposed to be at home but then his client called and he had to attend their meeting. The kids were practicing for their “Buwan ng Wika” presentations at school and I had to accompany our youngest daughter just so she would agree to have a dance partner. That midweek was a tiring day for all of us, if I may say.

But I commend my husband for trying to be extra sweet that day even though I was having my “sungit day” again.  Today, we snapped at each other before he leaves for work and it was only because of our telephone line! He came home after lunch with a post wedding anniversary gift and a peace offering too– a blouse from Mango.

We’re like this for the past 10 years of being married and as of this writing, a realisation dawned on me.

It’s impossible to stay in a perfect marriage.

We’ve come this far not because we always compliments each other…

not because we never snapped at each other…

not because we always love each other…

But because we both know our imperfections and we accept each others’ flaws.

This realisation led me to this post, of writing down our ways of annoying each other but loving each other more in return.

My husband annoys me when:

1. He would fart when we are all in our room and the a/c is turned on.

2. He would speak very loud talking to someone on his phone (I often hush him to tone down his voice).

3. He would use all the pots and pans when cooking and leave them all on the sink for me to wash just because he was the one who cooked.

4. He would ask for his stuff when they are just in front of him. (I often say use his eyes when looking for things he need and not his mouth).

5. He would ask for his clothes that are stored deep in our closet just because he suddenly remembered and felt like using them.

6. He would smothered our sleeping kids with his kiss and denied the truth that he wanted to wake them up.

7. He would do a chore but ask me or our kids to hand to him whatever he needs.

8. He would do things he forbids our kids to do. (Like eating in our room, switching tv channels etc.)

9. He leaves his dirty clothes on the bed instead of throwing it straight on the laundry bin.

10. He would watch television and then sleeps.

10th year wedding anniversary gift husband
Husband’s gift on our 10th year wedding anniversary



And to be fair, here are the ways I know when my husband feels really annoyed at me:


1. When he sees a pool of fallen hair on our bathroom floor after I take a bath.

2. When I randomly stacked canned goods to our cup board after we had our grocery.

3. When I changed his passwords on his emails and Facebook without informing him.

4. When he sees our comb, hair brush and hair accessories in random parts of our house.

5. When I don’t wear my eyeglasses and complains about headache.

6. When I’m not wearing my slippers inside the house.

7. When I refuse to let go of old and worn stuff (shoes, bags, clothes).

8. When my hair’s not tied.

9. When he asked to open his email or Facebook but ends up on me browsing them for him. And I was the one sitting in front of the laptop na. (hahaha!)

10. When I don’t answer his calls or texts (especially when we’re on war mode).

10th year wedding anniversary gift wife
My 10th year wedding anniversary gift to my husband


To end this post, let me share this quote:

“Marriage is finding that special someone you want to annoy for the rest of your life.”


Can you relate to this post? I would love to read your thoughts!

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