We’re Moving Forward!

So, where was I all this time?

After my family and I went through some rough times, instead of sulking and asking why such things happen, I learned how to give everything up to the Lord. Giving up, HE fixed everything for us!

And now, we are all moving forward and I’m blogging!

Kids bonding at home

I had to slow down with my online gigs and give more time to my kids, my husband, and our new home. Since we moved, I noticed that I became an OC mom. Before, I would start my day with messy hair and a cup of coffee. But now, coffee would come after I fixed our bed, swept and mopped the floor of our bedroom. Our kids’ room will come next then the living room. I want our home to be spic and span before my family sit on the dining table for breakfast.

clean and shiny floor
I hate seeing even a single stain on our floor;-)

Even if it means the house will be messy again after that because they will all be preparing for school and work.

Another sweep on the floor once they’re gone except for my second daughter and I.

She will be in their room tinkering her school stuff or sometimes I allow her to watch cartoons while I think of what to cook for lunch. Some days, I also do the laundry while cooking. I just don’t like it when I see our laundry basket almost half full. And mind you, dried clothes will be folded on the same day ! That was so not me in our old home.

I bring my daughter to school then fetch the other two kids. Their school is a good five minute walk from our home. After they had their lunch, I will help them with their assignments then I can have the rest of the afternoon for myself.

I thought I lost my passion for writing when we went through that rough times. I even thought of ending my WAHM life and just work abroad. Good thing I have a good friend and mentor who told me not to give it up because I have gone a long way and I already had a credible portfolio. To revive my passion and get out of boredom, I looked for online courses and studied new skills aside from writing and Social Media Management.

Wok At Home Life

Before the husband and my daughter comes home, the house will be swept and mopped— again. Dinner is almost ready.

After dinner I don’t allow them to come inside our room without them taking their shower first. I, on the other hand, is once again fixing our bed. (We still co-sleep even though there’s another room for the kids). My husband and I still savour these moments because soon, as they get older, we both know they will no longer like the idea of sleeping with us.

We watch television inside our room but only until 9pm then it’s bed time.

You know what I think to lull myself into sleep?

My to-do-list for the following day– which will be pretty much the same as I have every day!

Believe it or not, I love doing it and that’s how I move forward.


2 thoughts on “We’re Moving Forward!

    1. Thanks sis! Naku, hindi rin! With three kids, the house is still a mess when they’re all at home. When there’s just the two of you, hindi pa yan mahahalata na di ka pa nakakapaglinis;-)

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