Stress-free At Last, For Now!

I never saw it coming when my eldest son started schooling. It was when my second daughter entered preschool. And then there were two grade schoolers whom I have to guide and assist to with assignments, projects, and reviews! To top it off, my youngest, at six years old, is also now in first grade.

Doing a simple Mathematics— that’s STRESS times three!

kids' studying

I can say that my most stressful days are not when the husband and I are fighting, not when I’m PMS-ing, not even when I have deadlines to meet.

It’s during my kids’ Mastery and Periodical exams!

As far as I can remember, it’s very seldom that my mom helped me with my assignments or when I had to review for exams. Most of the time, I did it myself. With school projects, I always had my Dad. It’s no big deal actually. Although I did not graduated with honours, I had above average grades from elementary to college.

So, why am I stressing myself over my kids’ examination days?

Perhaps, because at the back of my mind, I yearned to be helped, to be guided, and to be taught by my mom back in the days. And now, that I am a mom myself— I am just making sure that I am giving my 100% attention for them.

little girl studying

Honestly, I dread the times when the kids would come home and announce that examinations will be on the following week. After that, I will always ask if pointers to review were given and if they have it written on their notebooks— I will start making reviewers for them. Weekend will surely be spent on reviews and answering mock-up test that I made for them.

I just read about helicopter moms and I’m sure that I am not one of them.

Maybe I’m a bit tough but at the end of the day, when my kids went home from school and exams are over— I would often tell them that they do not have to get perfect grades all the time, just pass the exams, do well in school and have fun learning with their teachers and classmates.


How do you handle your kid’s examination days? Are you also as stress as I am? Or, you just take these matter calmly? I could get ideas from you on how to lessen my stress during these times so feel free to share any tips you have in the comment section. TIA!

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