From One School to Another and Another and Another

Disclosure: What I am going to state here about schools in Taytay-Cainta are based on my kids’ experiences and I. All views and opinions are mine.

My kids are now ages 10, 8 and 6 and they’ve gone to different schools already (except for my youngest). I hope you won’t judge my husband and I why our kids attended different elementary schools every year. We’ve encountered different experiences on these schools which unfortunately prompted us to relieved our kids and transferred them to another school, except for this first school:

(Taytay Rizal)

LBCDC Preschool Graduates

This is where my three children spent and finished their preschool days in flying colours. My husband and I are proud and 100% satisfied that our kids studied in LBCDC in Taytay Rizal.

The school premises may seem intimidating at first because it is beside the very main road. Some parents expressed their problem about parking area and the children’s safety. But here’s what I’ve got to say: your children are 100% safe in the hands of this school. Here’s why:

  • There are three to four teachers who will teach and handle your child.
  • The room is always locked especially when classes is on going.
  • They will only hand over your child to your assigned fetcher/service (they will inform you via phone call or text if there is somebody else who wants to pick up your child, authorised or not).
  • The children can stay inside the room with the teachers if their fetchers are late.

Here are another reasons why I highly recommend this preschool:

  • The room is fully air-conditioned.
  • Additional room with parking for small vehicle was provided last year.
  • Small number of students per class (10-15 children only).
  • Play area is provided inside the room.
  • You can expect your child to learn how to read at the end of school year. The teachers have this strong will and patience to teach even their youngest student (four and five years old) especially on reading and counting. I, myself, was amazed when I heard my youngest (Junior Kinder at 5 years old) read sentences, poems and short stories even though it was her first time to attend school. Kudos to LBCDC teachers!
  • One thing I noticed even during my eldest son’s stay there: the teachers love their students. I mean, yes, it is their responsibility to take care of their students but they give their 100% best and all of them are natural kid-lover.
Light Bearer Child Development Center
My youngest daughter as a Junior Kinder in LBCDC and their new room.


My verdict: 10/10

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(Cainta Rizal)

Scholastica De San Alfonso

My eldest son spent his first grade here after finishing preschool at LBCDC. The school has two branches: one in San Juan Cainta and their main school inside Greenland Subdivision also in Cainta. The one in San Juan is closer to our home so we chose it. By the way, we heard of this school through my aunt, who is their bookkeeper. Since it was recommended by a close relative, we had no doubt about what the teacher told us when we inquired and inspected the facilities. To cut the long story short, we never had our son spend his second grade there because:

  • He was bullied by his classmates during first grading. So, at the start of second grading, we requested him to be transferred to their main school in Greenland Subdivision to be kept away from those bullies.
  • My husband and I felt that the teachers are too young to be teaching. Higher class treat their teachers as their “peers” and not as their teachers whom they should respect all the time. During programs, we heard students call them on their first name, only adding the word Ms. or Mister, not even Ma’am or Sir and it was tolerated by them.

Verdict:  7/10

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(Cainta Rizal)

I’ve written a quick insights about of this school here and here. But since I was not able to update my readers on why I had my kids relieved from this school, I’m now going to state the reason why.

For my son, this was his second school since he finished preschool. For my daughter, this was her first elementary school. Though my son was bullied once again in this school by his two classmates, he still excelled in his class. My daughter, on the other hand, never had problem with her classmates. Occasionally, I would come with them to school, accompanied them to their rooms, then head off. I am never the type of parent who would always make “chika” with their teachers. A polite nod and smile often do when I saw them by the corridor.

It was when we thought that our daughter might received an award because of her excellent grades (straight A from 1st to 4th grading). Yes, just an award because she’s a transferee. Based on her adviser, she said my daughter will surely be given a special award because she was consistent being on Top 5. But nothing. After their last periodical exams, classes ended and we never heard from their teachers so we assumed we will not be attending any recognition ceremony.

Honestly, we felt bad because my daughter kept on asking us to ask her teacher about the award. She was always on the Top Five of her class but she was not even recognised for that achievement. She said she didn’t want to study there any more. And she was firm when she said that. We were bothered that she will not be the same studious daughter as she was if she remains on that school so we decided to transfer her and her brother.

We’re all okay after that then I received an email from a reader:

email exchanges with fellow GA mom

As we exchanged emails, we both learned that our children went to the same afternoon class for Grade One.

We never bothered to confirm it with Greenland Academy though since we already had our kids transferred to a new school. Besides, it doesn’t matter anymore because we can see how our daughter makes her way to the top until now– transferee, in a Pilot Section or not.

My verdict: 9/10

(Formerly Little Jewel’s Christian School) Taytay Rizal

LJCS students

This was my son’s 3rd school in elementary and my daughter’s 2nd. Whew!

Among other schools that my kids went to, this is the nearest to our place. We looked at this school when my eldest was about to enter grade school but I don’t remember exactly why we never went through. Anyway, my two grade schoolers had the best of their time here.

They enjoyed the five minute walk to their school. They both gained friends and best friends even though they were transferee. They enjoyed their ECA (Extra-Curricular Activities). My son was a member of Drum and Lyre while my daughter joined the Art Club. They looked forward to their Bible studies as well.

My daughter could have been placed in a Pilot Section because of her grades in G.A. but since she was a transferee once again, that didn’t happened.

One thing I would like you to know about LJCS is that they use the Zero-Based Grading System in which score is divided by the highest possible score. Traditionally, when an exam has 50 items, get 25 correct answers and the student will still have a passing grade of 75%. With Zero-Based, this is how they compute a student’s grade:

48/50*100= 96

Two mistakes yet the equivalent is only 96% so getting 25 correct answers will only be equivalent to 50%.

Compared to G.A, where lessons are advanced and has more exams, Zero-Based Grading System here in LJCS was something my children and I never anticipated during the first grading period.

Thankfully, we all got used to it. Come second grading and both my children remained to be on the Top 10. My daughter Erin, even surpassed the consistent Top 1 of their class during their 3rd and 4th Grading Period. She should have been in the Pilot Section next school year….

Unfortunately, we moved into a new house last March and it is far from LJCS.

My verdict: 8/10

Yes, my 2 kids, together with my youngest daughter, who will be in 1st Grade, would need to go to a new school again. We’re still on the lookout these days, but for sure, I will let you know where and what will be my kids new school— again.

10 thoughts on “From One School to Another and Another and Another

  1. Hi how much ung admission sa LBCDC? And anong required age nila? May nursery ba sila kasi balak ko ienroll ung baby ko at 3y/o. Thanks!

    1. Yun sa daughter ko last year, around 18k plus books and uniforms pa. They have Toddlers Class, yun mga 2- 2 1/2 then Nursery 3-4 years old yata. Feel free to call them for Tuition Fee updates:-)

  2. Relate much. I had 2 schools in elementary, 2 in high school and 3 in college. Hindi ako mahilig mag-transfer. Hehehe. Yung Miss and Mister na tawag ng students pala, muther, meron ata talagang school na ganun. Kasi nung nasa Siena ako miss and mister ang tawag namin sa mga teachers not ma’m or sir. When I transferred to Binangonan Catholic College natawag kong miss yung teacher ko, nagreact mga classmates ko. Wala daw akong respeto pero I explained na lang na sa Siena kasi ganun. 🙂

    1. Hay, yang miss and mister na yan, okay naman sa akin, si hub lang kasi ang makaluma kaya hindi nya feel ang ganung tawag hihi.. Uy, I read your posts about Yzia’s schooling ha.. nakakatuwa naman ang bagets mo:-) Preschool pa lng gusto na maging independent (kanino ba nagmana?) hihihi..

  3. Hopefully we won’t need to transfer our kids to different schools. I can’t imagine the hassle and the cost! Syempre, new uniforms ulit.

    Thankfully, so far, we’re very happy with Assumption Antipolo. Kelly loves it there! Caleb won’t be going to school until next year, we’re thinking of trying our HedCen for preschool since we’ve heard good reviews plus it’s along the way going to AA.

    As for the “miss” and “mister”, tama si Krisna, some schools use those terms talaga. When I was in AA, we’d call our teachers miss and sir.

  4. hi ms mai .. I’m here again ff.your blogs about school .. my top 3 choices before I came across your blog .. was peniel christian academy PEACE INT. SCHOOL and greenpark Montessori..magscout din ako sa little jewels and light bearer

    1. Hi Mommy Jackie, among those schools, I recommend Light Bearer. My kids attended their pre-school years there and every time we attended events on their big school (in Karangalan), I commended their grade school students and teachers. Well behave and magagalang sila even the teachers. A bit pricey nga lang ang TF nila and malayo kasi sa amin yun main campus nila. Little Jewels is okay din, medyo nagulat lang ako during the time when my kids were there kasi zero-based grading system sila kaya tutor talaga ako sa studies ng mga kids. I don’t know nga lang if they still implements that grading system this school year.

  5. Thanks ms. Mai.. Oo malapit and walking distance light bearer with us. Top priority ko na light bearer and peniel academy .. Maginquire kami next year…thanks

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