Beat the Back to School Shopping Chaos Through

How are you guys dealing with our not-so normal weather these days? You know, the scorching heat from morning till noon and then heavy rains with lightning and thunder during late afternoon? I guess this is just one of the major effects of climate change.

Anyway, because of this unpredicted weather conditions everyday, I bet most of you takes every opportunity you’ll get to go on a back-to-school shopping for your kids. Yes, this is the time again when the spotlight is on our children. A couple of weeks now and they will be going back to school and just like you, I am also having mix emotions. Stress is creeping back to me once again.

Fortunately, I am able to tick off one by one whatever there is on my checklist. The kids were already enrolled in their new school. Books were paid though we haven’t got it yet from their school. Already bought some school supplies. School bags and shoes were already cleaned and polished. We are still on the look out for available seamstress who will tailor my kids’ uniforms.

All of these are stressing me out and only one thing I know can get me back on track…

Online shopping!

But unlike shopping for my kids, I am very particular on getting the best deals online when shopping for myself and my husband. Just recently, I had my eyes glued on Lazada Shopping voucher. There are a lot of mouth drooling items that I really wanted to buy and mind you, they are offered with huge discounts!

Lazada Shopping Voucher

You see, I am often called by my husband and kids as the Frugal Queen. And I am putting on my crown once again because I discovered!

Saving money every day with voucher codes sounds good to my ear and feels good on my pocket most importantly. I explored the site just the other day and I already felt like a pro navigating because of its user-friendly interface. Voucher codes and categories can easily be explored from their homepage and unlike other similar sites, you will never get lost and ends up finding the best deals you are looking for. User Interface

Before I end this post by the way, let me tell you a bit about how we spent Mother’s Day this year. Nothing special though because my husband only cooked special lunch for us, stayed in our room for a whole afternoon with the a/c on while watching three movies in a row with our kids. I felt contented with that but surprise, surprise! Come night time and hubby sat beside me while I was in front of the laptop. He asked me to open Groupon Daily Deals and with his permission, I got to choose two deals that I want! That was his Mother’s Day gift to me.

Groupon Daily Deals

Remember, as mommies, you don’t have to feel guilty when shopping for yourself. Why feel as such when there’s that can give you huge discounts on stuff you wanted to buy for yourself?!

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