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Hello there!

Pardon my lack of post for a month because we’ve just moved into a new place. Yes, after 10 years of renting in a one bedroom apartment, we finally moved out from there and we’re now living in a more spacious home. My husband and I never knew that it was a big deal to our nosy neighbours, on whether we finally bought a new house, rent another apartment, avail a PAGIBIG housing loan etc. But I know you wouldn’t mind if I won’t tell here which one is it (unless you’re one of our previous nosy neighbour) *wink*

new home sweet home

What is important to us now was our vow to create lots of new memories here in our new home.

It was a month since we moved and there are still unopened boxes and photo frames that need to be hung (the ones you see on this photo just got lucky!). I am just facing one huge problem and that is about having a decent Internet service provider. I am currently subscribed to Globe Wimax and I believed it is the counterpart of Smart/PLDT Home Bro but as I’ve said, I could not get a decent connection especially at night.

Oh, and I would like to apologise to my readers especially those who are very nice to drop me a line in the comment section. I promise I will answer your questions about my kids’ schools and other stuff. As of now, I am writing this post via MS Word— offline.

But I guess I have to cut this post from here as I can hear the Globe technician knocking for the 4th time since I had this ISP installed. I am hoping that this will be the last and that I can at least post this one today.

On a lighter side, I found myself creating more blog post rather than when I’m online. Has any of you also tried offline blogging?

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