My ISP’s Down, So I’m Blogging

ISP down blogging

I have a scheduled Skype interview, Social Media Marketing proposal to create, and a couple of topics to research and write but then again my ISP’s been acting up again. It’s past 10pm and I know even if I decided to go to bed, my mind will still be wide awake as I think of these tasks so instead of wasting my time, might as well use this unfortunate event to update my poor blog.

I know it’s been seven months since I last wrote something in here and in case you’ve been wondering if I decided to totally quit blogging— the answer is no. Yes, I got my hands full on my three children (two of them in grade school and the youngest in preschool), a grown up (husband dear), my online jobs, and a lot of household chores but closing this blog down permanently never crossed my mind. In fact, before I sign in for work, I would open up my WordPress account, click the Add New Post button and then tried to key in some intros and then— blank. I don’t know but perhaps I got the thing called “writer’s block” for freaking seven months! Luckily, if I’ll be writing for a client my mind works and the creativity juice never ceased to flow or else I’m doomed!

One thing I know right now is that I have a couple of posts in my draft folder with two to three lines of introduction and these for sure will be categorised as super delayed post once I finished and published them. If this intermittent connection continues till tomorrow I’ll be adding up new post today aside from this one. And don’t worry, I’ll be writing the latest happenings in my family and yours truly.

Till then!


Written via Word.doc last night.

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