An Imperfect But Wonderful Day

I would have used this title as my status on my Facebook Page but I changed my mind because I believe what happened today needs to be shared here. Oh and this is not about opposing another Friday the 13th. In fact, I just realised that today is indeed the 13th and it’s Friday!

My day started a bit different because I only had one child to attend school today (and it was a little less stressful). My daughter, Erin, was not feeling well last night and since their class schedule was shorten because of their card distribution, I told her to just rest. As soon as my son went off to school, I prepared my two girls’ breakfast. My husband was supposed to leave for work early but since his supposed task for that day was already done by his officemate, he decided to take his day off. I, on the other hand, prepared to do the laundry. Thanks to fully automatic washing machine I also started cleaning our room as it washes, rinses, and dries our clothes (multitasking)!

Since husband was home, he’s in charged of our lunch automatically so I took all my time in doing a general cleaning of our home. I’ve been meaning to arrange and sort my kids’ DVD and CD collections for weeks now and today I finally did it. I felt nostalgic as I sort their Barney, Sesame Street, Barbie, Bratz, and more Walt Disney Movie Cartoons. Husband and I used to passed by record stores in Gateway Cubao on our way home from work to buy these and watch it with them during weekends, the only time when we’re both off from work. Oh, those were the days! And then I arranged all the classic children’s movies we had like Beethoven (we’ve got all the sequels), Matilda, Denice the Menace, Ritchie Rich, and Little Rascals. The last movie that we all watched from their collection was Harry Potter, from the first to the last part. I told my husband that perhaps we could just sell those collections but the husband refused. Alright then I said, perhaps we could just give a couple of our Barney and Sesame Street collection to our children’s pre-school, Light Bearer Child Development Center (all of our three kids were from these school). He agreed.

Before lunch, I am done with my chores. My son arrived and said he has a bad news, he was not included to their Top 10. I told him that was okay and he should just make it up on the next grading. So, I bathed my youngest daughter, dressed her for school, had our lunch then off she went with her Dad. At 2pm, I went to their school to get their report cards. I went to my son’s room first, copied their schedule for their Sports Fest and then waited till his teacher hand me his card. Something was posted on their board and when I checked it closely, it was a list of their class’ Top 10 and guess what– my son’s name was on the 10th! His teacher told me that he announced his name during their class but perhaps my son didn’t hear it. She only posted the list when the kids went home. One thing more, his teacher told me that he was chosen to be their class’ escort for their Sports Fest and that he volunteered to participate in the game of Chess.  I was happy and proud, naturally.

Then I went to my daughter’s class room. His teacher showed me the list and even before I read my daughter’s name, he already told me that she made it to the Top! From Top 6, Top 2 and then now, Top 1. Wow! I was beaming with pride!

Top 10 Gradeschool

When I arrived home, I told my son that he’s still on Top 10 and he did not believed me until I showed him the list. I took a picture of it of course! Both of my kids were happy and they already asked their Dad for their prize. 4pm and I went out again to pick up my youngest. Her teacher approached me as soon as I stepped in. I don’t know but I got nervous when she told that she needs to tell me something. The other day, my daughter told me that her classmate pushed her and I thought it has something to do with it. What’s it all about? In her handbook was a short poem which she has to memorise. She was chosen to recite it on their Graduation Day! Surprise, surprise! Of course, that made me proud once again. Her siblings both did memorable acts during their graduation at Light Bearer Christian Academy. Her brother did the Welcome Remarks while her sister did a declamation piece during their time.

On our way home, she told me that she has another surprise for me and her Dad. She brought out a Valentine’s Day Card and kissed both of us when we arrived. We decided to treat the kids and so off we went to McDonalds with my my mom.

Let me share you a funny conversation we had. On our way home, we saw teenage boys and girls wearing gowns and tux. My daughter ask their Mommy Lola why were they dressed like that. She answered, “it’s their JS Prom”. What’s JS Prom? It’s Junior-Senior Prom. Upon hearing the word senior, Erin exclaimed “then you should join too! You’re already a Senior, right?! Husband, my mom and I had a good laugh at that!

To cap off this day, I gave thanks to our Lord for giving this imperfect but wonderful day for my family and I.

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