Family Getaway: Impromptu Baguio Trip 2015

Ever since my husband knew that I have never been to Baguio, he would always bring up the idea of going there with the kids. I, on the other hand would be hesitant because of two main reasons: one, we don’t have a car so it means we will have to travel by bus for hours and I don’t know if our kids would be fine on a long travel and two, I am afraid of the so called “zigzag” road going up.

Last January 30 though, as the kids and I were preparing for bed time, he told us to pack our bags because we will be travelling to Baguio by morning. Our kids got excited and jumped on our bed while I was left speechless.

Trying not to be a “kill joy” in front of our kids, I just told them to sleep early so I can prepare our things. Once they dozed off, I confronted hubby about his sudden decision. I asked what got into him. February is the start of the Panagbenga Festival in Baguio and for sure most of the hotels there are already fully booked. I tried to convinced him that perhaps we can go there on the following week so I can reserve us a room in a hotel but he insisted. Alright then, I told him, let’s see tonight if we can have a room reserved for us. So, we looked up hotels on the Internet, called a few but all of them were fully booked, just as I expected. He simply just shrugged it off and told me that we will look for a place to stay when we get there.

Midnight and I was busy packing our bags. My mind was occupied of the things we should bring, of the pile of clothes that I should wash that weekend, and the articles that I should be writing. My head started to throb so I told myself to ease out all the worries and simply look forward to a fun and relaxing impromptu vacation to Baguio.

Family Trip to Baguio 2015

We were supposed to leave the house at 4am but the FX service that we rented arrived at 6am because he thought my husband meant 4pm, ugh! We arrived at the Dagupan Bus Station 30 minutes after. We could have take the bus with a rest room but it was scheduled to leave around 12noon so we chose the regular air conditioned with Wi-Fi bus instead. Husband paid for two regular tickets (Php445) and four discounted tickets (20% off for Senior Citizens and Students) for my mom and our three kids. We travelled for 8 hours, with two 30-minute stop overs. The kids enjoyed our travel especially my youngest who sat beside me. She even asked my mom who was sitting across ours if we will be needing our passports to Baguio, lol! And she kept on shouting “Lambie” when she saw white cows outside thinking those were lambs/sheep. Kids! On our way, husband called his former client and asked if he could recommend a place where we could stay. He said he has a couple of apartments for rent and he could reserve one for us. We discussed about it first because unlike in any hotels, there are no amenities and we would have to go out all the time if we want to eat plus we are not sure if the kids will be comfortable there. Husband remembered that there is a hotel near his client’s house.  The other son was kind enough to call Pines View Hotel and made a reservation for us. I don’t know if it’s because husband’s client was a prominent Chinese Baguio resident there or we’re just lucky because the hotel accommodated us. Prior to that, it was one of the fully booked hotels that we asked the night before.

zigzag road Baguio 2015

And then we’re on the zigzag road! I can feel my stomach churned and so I held my daughter’s hand even though she doesn’t even mind the kind of road we’re heading. We got excited when we saw the thick fog and anticipated the cold temperature when we get off the bus

Let me cut this post here and I promise I will write my review on the hotel where we stayed in and the rest of our Baguio family getaway experience.

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