Failed Tooth Fairy Duties Made Me Slow Down

“I don’t believe in tooth fairies anymore!” my daughter said. Then my son came in and blurted out his sentiments too. “The tooth fairy just got my tooth but she never gave me anything in return!” And I was left with nothing to say because it was all my fault.

If you would go back to my post here, you’ll know how much my kids believe in tooth fairy (or should I say, how I made them believe). Those sentiments of my two older kids was indeed all my fault. You see, since the start of another school year last June, I’ve been swamped with lots of mommy duties and a couple of online jobs. I am sure my lack of posts here is enough proof that I am one busy mom. I failed doing my duties as “The Tooth Fairy”. It’s because I am awake all night and when they wake up in the morning, I am still in front of my laptop completely engrossed with my work that I forgot to get their tooth under their pillows and exchange it with 20 bucks. One time, I did got my son’s tooth before I log in for work but because I don’t have 20 bucks, I told myself I’ll just ask my husband for it in the morning. But then, he’s awake and was already frustrated.

That’s when I realised– I need to slow down.

mom taking it slow
Oh! And I also had a shorter hair cut in my attempt to lessen the stress.^_^

So far, when I looked back at the month of June– I am very much happy that my three kids love their new school. As of this writing, I never heard (yet) stories about bullies or teachers they don’t like. Both my grade schoolers look forward to their Extra Curricular Activities (ECA). My son joined Drum and Lyre Club while my 2nd daughter joined in the Arts Club. They actually had their Mastery Exams and they both nailed it. My youngest daughter, on the other hand, also loves her school, teachers, and classmates. She never gets tired of learning and studying even though this is her first time aside from the summer class she attended.

With three kids attending school, I am sure you know how tiring it could be. Typhoons, bad weather and that rotational brownout  also added up to my stress. They just all poured down on me and had I not heard of my kids’ sentiments about tooth fairy I would not think about taking things easy. On a lighter note, being busy made me ignore all the negative people around me. It’s just that I don’t have time to be in their “drama”.

Would you believe we didn’t go out for three consecutive Sundays? That was very unlikely of us because hubby and I make it a point to give the kids some time to unwind from school every Sunday. The weather was not good but deep inside me, I knew I just made it as an alibi not to go out because I only wanted to stay at home and sleep.

And then I finally decided to take things slow.

kids rewarded with toys

As soon as we saw the sun shining, my family and I headed for some lunch out. Hubby treated the kids with new toys since they got good grades in their exams. One morning, I let the kids prepare pan cakes for breakfast. The littlest one was so excited since she missed that activity from their class. Working late night is taking its toll on me these past few days so little by little, I tried to shift working from night into day.

kids making pan cakes

Today, when my daughter came home from school and told me she lost again another tooth but she won’t put it under her pillow because the tooth fairy is not real anyway, I told her this time, she will surely come. Because I will not work late at night and that The Tooth Fairy will not see me up and awake. By the time you are reading this, all things were set into place. Tooth gone under her pillow and 20 bucks resting underneath.;-)


What fancy creatures do you let your child believes in? i.e Tooth fairy, Santa Claus, mermaids, etc.? Let’s talk about it, shall we?!







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