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Summer Classes: Prelude to Formal Preschool

In preparation for my daughter’s formal class in Preschool this year, we enrolled her in a summer class so she can be familiar with other kids who are  also just learning to read and write.

My youngest daughter who will be turning five on June 12 will start her first year in Preschool as a Kinder I. Unlike her sister who had three years in Preschool and her brother who had two- her teacher told us that it is enough for a child at the age of five to have at least one year in Preschool based on the K12 Education System as long as she can read and write fluently by the time we enroll her for first grade.

Light Bearer Child Development Center

First day of summer class
First day of summer class

This Preschool already had our trust and loyalty since our two older kids spent their Preschool days with them. We have many good things to say for this school aside from the fact that their tuition fee is very affordable. For a Preschool, I could almost fall on my seat when I read other parents pay Php50k-100k for their kids’ tuition fee. Lucky kids! In my family though, sending our kids to a private school that would not cost us an arm and leg is enough provided that the quality of teaching is high and of course the facility is safe and child-friendly.

LBCDC usually have a student-teacher ratio of 10:3. Having a small number of students matter to us because we know by then that our kids will be given enough attention by the teachers. They only have one but spacious air-conditioned room for the kids, a small play area, and a rest room. Summer classes are actually FREE but you would have to pay Php1500 as Reservation Fee. If parents’ finally decided to enroll their kids at LBCDC, that amount will be deducted from the tuition fee which is Php18k for the whole school year (excluding books, uniforms, and materials).

Summer Fun Classes Begin

The summer class schedule was from Tuesday to Thursday only and lasted for two hours each day. On the first day, I was the one who was anxious for my little girl. Cien have always been clingy to me and it is very rare that you will see us apart. She woke up early that day, class started at 8am to 10am. She picked her own outfit for that day, chose her own snacks, and yanked us out at quarter to eight because she don’t want to be late. Travel was less than 10 minutes from our home using a motorbike. She was the first student to arrived at the school but the two teachers were already there. We went inside with her and we saw how the teachers led her to her seat, asked her about her siblings then guide her how to wear a shoe cover. Then other students started to came in and my husband said we should leave already. I was hesitant at first but when Cien looked at me and I mouthed that we were going to leave her she gave me a thumb up sign! Oh dear, my little one is indeed a big girl already!

That was the longest two hours for me as I waited for 10am to fetch her. When we arrived at the school the other kids were still writing but there she was, her bag already on her hand and talking to her seatmate. She saw us outside, waved and raised her other hand pointing to the star stamped by her teacher at the back of her hand. She was led by her teacher to the door and handed her to me. They do that in all their students to make sure that the person fetching them are indeed their parents or relatives.

She survived her first day of summer class and she even got a star for being able to say her whole name to the class! Good job!

she got a star!
She got a star!

For almost a month, I saw how excited she is every time her Dad will bring her to school. We are very proud of her because unlike other kids, she showed how independent she can be even without us. She learned how to interact with her classmates, we knew because she always have stories about her classmates and what they did that day.

going to school
Daddy bringing little Cien to school.

Summer classes ended and went she went home and handed me a brown envelope, I knew those were their activity papers. At home, she would easily give up writing and coloring especially when she hears her siblings playing. That’s why when I saw her works, I hugged her tight and told her that she did a great job. She learned how to copy and write her name, recognized letters and their sounds, name colors, and most especially she learned that everything is going to be fine even without Mommy around.Now we know, that our five year old daughter is all set and ready to attend Preschool this year!

survived the first week of summer class
She survived the first week of summer class!

Do you also have kids who will be attending Preschool for the first time? How do you prepare them for school?

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