Highlights of Summer 2014

It has been two months since the Summer season started and now that it is about to end I got the feeling that I should fill you in with what happened to my family and I during those days. And with no further ado, here’s the highlights of our Summer 2014:

Boracay Family Summer Getaway Round Two

As the school year ended last March, my family and I already started to enjoy Summer. For the second time, we had awesome Boracay Family Summer Getaway. We booked our stay at Le Soleil De Boracay again forfour days as we found the place really neat and secluded. We also love their customer services. One thing that made us go back and stay there was their private pool. It was indeed private since our kids were not compelled to swim with others unlike the pool at La Carmela. No offense but when we passed by there, we saw how crowded their pool was. My kids literally stayed and swim on the pool all through our stay. We did not engaged in any beach activities this time and just enjoyed our laid back days at the hotel. We went out for food trippings, stayed by the beach and let the kids played with their toys on the sand, and then go back to our room while the kids jumped again in the pool. Actually, it was a vacation but hubby and I were still engaged with work. Yep, that’s the reason I brought my laptop with me. There was a free Wi-Fi at Le Soleil and as I looked over my kids, I was working online. Hubby was also doing his job through his mobile phone. He’s on Sales and while we were on vacation he was able to close a deal! Our last day in Aklan was spent again at my husband’s relatives. They were so glad that we never failed to visit them.

Work At Home Mom on Vacation
And that was me working while the kids were screaming while swimming in front of me:)

Holy Week Celebration

We were at home during these days as we follow our family’s traditional rules about not travelling during Holy Week. My husband and my brothers were members of a religious Catholic group who performs Senakulo and Penitensya. For my husband’s side, Holy Week is the time to go out of town and enjoy family bonding. I remembered there was one Holy Week were we went out of town with them and I really felt guilty of not being at home. Thankfully, that happened only once. We also watched Prusisyon and my kids enjoyed watching Biblical movies the entire Holy Week.

Penitensya In Cainta Rizal
My cousin portrayed Jesus Christ and my husband (the one in the middle) as one of the Roman Guard.
Procession In Cainta Rizal Philippines
Procession In Cainta Rizal Philippines


Enrollment Days for the Kids

And then there were three! Yes, my youngest will now attend preschool and along with her two siblings I am now anticipating another hectic school days. We enrolled Cien in a summer class at Light Bearer Child Development Center in Taytay. If you have been reading this blog, our two older kids also attended preschool here. The summer class was FREE but we paid Php 1500 for reservation fee. It will be deducted on her tuition fee if we decided to enroll her there as Kinder. I will try to have a separate post about her summer classes there. Meanwhile, we transferred again our two grade schoolers. We had some reasons why we decided to relieved them from Greenland Academy and transfer them to Little Jewels Christian School. I chose not to disclose it here on the blog as I do not want to be in any kind of trouble (you know how sensitive our Cyber Crime Law is, right).

Enrolled in a Summer Class
First Day of her summer class at Light Bearer Child Development Center

A Heartbreaking Goodbye

That was what we felt when my husband’s brother passed away because of his long time illness. Albeit the fact that it will happen one day as his doctors diagnosed, hubby, his parents, and his siblings were not ready for it. There were days of mourning and each of them blame themselves about things that they could have done to save him. But as days passed, acceptance sets in. He was now at peace, no more tears, no more pain. They all let him go with the Lord.

A heartbreaking farewell to my Brother In Law.

Family Bonding at Island Cove

As his brother’s last request, we all went to Island Cove to have our family reunion. At the same celebrated our niece’s 13th birthday. During his last days, he found it overwhelming to see his family having fun together and for sure he was smiling at the sight of us gathered together for him. The little ones had fun in the water once again.

Island Cove
Island Cove

Island Cove Cabana Room

Mother’s Day Celebration

On my special day, we went out and the treat was on me! We had our lunch at Burgoo in SM Marikina and boy it had the longest waiting list that day. The kids were already hungry and complaining that we should eat somewhere else instead. Just when we were about to leave, we were called and finally we’re able to eat. After that, we roamed around and hubby bought an ice cream cake as his Mother’s Day gift to me.

Mothers Day 2014

Hubby’s Birthday and His Special Guest

Another year older for hubby dear. The initial plan was we would just dine out and have some of his friends over for dinner and have some drinks. But I was surprised when he told me that he will prepare food if his sister will accept his invitation. He and his sister had a misunderstanding and I thought that was the last straw for both of them. I am proud of my husband this time because it was his own initiative to make peace with her sister. I was nervous for him if ever his sister would decline. But she did not! He was excited on his special day because of her. After we went to church, I bought him some new shirts as gift and then went home. He was so busy the whole day and I saw how his face dropped when his youngest brother said that her sister changed her mind and decided not to come with them. But that was just a joke after all! Thank you SIL for making his day indeed special!

hubby's birthday
“No family is perfect.. We argue, we fight. We even stop talking to each other at times and blocked each other on Facebook (lol!) But in the end, family is family… the love will always be there.”

Vikings Experience (Post Birthday Celebration)

As I promised, I treated him and the kids at an eat-all-you-can buffet at Vikings at SM Marikina. It was a weekday so price per head was only Php688. We could have availed Viking’s Birthday Promo wherein a birthday celebrant can eat for FREE provided that he/she is accompanied by at least one paying customer. But we were there four days after his birthday. It was the first time for my two older kids to dine in there but not for our youngest. The waitress measured the kids first and our two girls were charged Php188 while our son was charged as an adult already. Good thing my son has a natural enormous appetite. The girls just ate very light meals but feasted on candies. Well, for hubby and I– we ate a lot! hehe..

Vikings Experience


And that’s all folks! As of now, I am already anticipating the coming of another school year as classes start on June 09 but it is June 16 for my youngest daughter. In case you are wondering, I am still super busy with my online jobs and I have never been challenged with my tasks as I am now. I am blessed at how people I work with give all the support I need. They are also very generous at giving me praises and commendations and that’s what keep me more motivated aside from the monetary deets of course!

Bye for now and I wish you all had a great Summer despite of the ups and downs of life!


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  1. Hi there! I came across your blog when I was doing a little research about Greenland Academy. I’m just curious because you seemed to have good reviews about that school previously. So, what made you change your mind and transfer your kids to another school? I understand if you don’t want to disclose it here but you can send me a private email if you want. Thanks in advanced and more power to your blog! 🙂

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