Another School Year Ends

Our two gradeschoolers and I could say, “Thank God it’s already summer vacation!”

This school year was a tough one. Perhaps it was because we enrolled our kids to a school that has the most priority when it comes to education. Greenland Academy has advanced lessons for their students (which we really liked) and a whole lot of examinations in store for them. While I often read on my husband’s Facebook account how parents were busy reviewing their kids for each periodical exams (and that would be four for the entire school year) I, on the other hand had to go through the stress of reviewing my two kids (Grade 1 and Grade 2), three times for each grading period (you do the Math). And that did not include assignments and quizzes for almost every day or sometimes every other day.

It’s not that my kids could not cope up with their teachings. In fact, my kids were always on Top 10 of their class and even on the overall outstanding students for Grade 1 and Grade 2. (They have morning and afternoon class for each grade and top students were chosen among those two classes).

Honestly, I am thinking of relieving them from that school and look for a new one (again!). It’s not that we don’t like Greenland Academy. I still recommend them to parents who have lots of time and energy supervising their kids because of the advanced lessons. It is for the benefit of the kids. However, the school was actually a 30-40 minute drive from our home and there were times when their school service would get a flat tire or other mishaps. We had our own tricycle for their service though and it was my brother who drives for them. Some relatives of ours would often say that the school was very far from our place.

But aside from that, since my youngest will also be going to school as a Preschooler and we will enroll her at Light Bearer Child Development Center near San Isidro Taytay, it would be best if they will be in the same area. So there’s our second reason why we are thinking of relieving them from GA.

We will be having three kids attending school and with my youngest, who is very clingy to me, I know I would have to focus not only on my two gradeschoolers but to this little Preschooler the most. I told my husband that I could not take the stress anymore of reviewing two kids twelve times in a school year plus the littlest one so we might as well think of where we could transfer them again.

Meanwhile, it’s the start of summer vacation and the kids are just starting to loosen up from their cover to cover Fourth Periodical Exams. Yes, they did not only studied their last topics/lessons because based on their pointers to review, topics from First Quarter up to the Fourth Quarter are included, hence the cover to cover exams! I was even shocked to see my first grader memorizing elements and their abbreviation (Chemistry). I believe we took it up during High School. That’s how advanced Greenland Academy is to their lessons:)

This is why we think we all deserve another summer getaway. Where could it be? Hmmm…

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