She Conquered It All

Hello! It’s past midnight and I just had an interview from a prospective client via Skype. While I am already on my PJ’s, it’s a good thing that it was only through chat. I was supposed to go back with my writing but I think I already lost my mojo and so for an ice breaker, I decided to write a blog post instead.
It’s already Wednesday and I can’t believe how time flies. Oh, remember my recent post wherein I told you my daughter will be joining a Quiz Bee? Well, as much as we all wanted her to win I guess this is not yet the right time for her. The other contestant from the morning class won and her other classmate got the 2nd place.
Although she really looked sad after that event, I am relieved that after telling her that we are still proud of her, win or lose, she smiled and went back to being bubbly again. That’s how our Erin Girl is!
Ever since she started attending Day Care when she was just three years old, she would often surprised us of her achievements even without us pushing her to be like that.
I have witnessed my daughter’s ups and downs since she started studying. I remembered her dance mishap during her Day Care days, her first Quiz Bee that won her first 300 bucks, her Declamation Piece in Senior Kinder where she got commendations from her teachers and the audience, and just recently her loss from their English Quiz Bee. In all those experiences, I am proud to see how she managed to handle them all– win or lose.
I believe that as parents, it is not only important that we give them encouragements and praises, it is also imperative that we teach our kids how to accept defeat, hurt, and pain as long as we make them feel that we will always be there for them no matter what.
I know there is a lot more in store for my daughter (she’s only six years old) and I am confident that she could surpass whatever comes her way in the future. Ending this post with this very positive quote about winning and/or losing:
“The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand”.

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