I feel lucky enough that I managed to write two posts as soon as the month of August arrived. And then came a pause. Why? I have my hands full with my kids, my work, and my husband. You see, my two grade schoolers are going through a lot of quizzes and assignments these days. Just for this week, we are busy reviewing for their Mastery Test. And by next week, another review and preparation for their 1st Periodical Exams.

They have the same schedule so imagine me reviewing two kids one at a time on a same day. Yes, I do these stuff by myself as I could not assign this to my husband because he does not take this thing seriously. Imagine, I was asking Erin about the different branches of Science and he would interrupt us by saying funny answers like: idontknow-ology, letsplay-ology, and other crazy words that made my daughter lose her concentration and laugh out loud at her Daddy. Grrr..

Actually, sometimes I almost pity our two kids. Sometimes I think they are studying way too much. They tackle topics that I think are meant for high school students (blame it to the K12 education system I guess?) That leaves me wondering, do your kids go through the same tough school days too? You know, studying tough Math, Science, English, and other subjects. Do you also struggle with the kind of lessons they have now? Grade One answering essays, enumerating and defining fields of Science– geez!Along with their exams, my kids are also practicing their native dance in celebration of the Linggo ng Wika and parents have to deal with their costumes again. My son hinted that we do not have to look for costumes because their teachers will provide for it but we have to pay for it. Another ouchie on the pocket.
With regards to my work, I have been going through a lot of stress dealing with a Special Project my boss assigned to me few days ago. I thought it was an easy one but it required lots of effort. I had to study some process and learn techniques just to get through. I even put down some article writing gigs because I got myself drawn with the task but I could say that I loved that new skills I learned. Meanwhile, another favorite client endorsed me with her other client online. Claiming for a positive feedback as of this writing.

Oh, and with my husband. Did I mentioned that August is our wedding anniversary month? Nope? Well, it will be our 8th year together on the 19th of August and we have been fighting, making up, fighting, and making up since the start of the month. We have been like this for the last eight years every time our anniversary comes near. People close to us often said that it just spiced up our marriage. And I could not agree more. After our fight (out of the smallest things I we could think of), he would ask me where I want to spend our anniversary. He would ask me to search on line for the nearest resort just as long as it is not Club Manila East lol! But I don’t want to go out of town. I just want us to dine out and that’s it. (Of course, there goes the frugal me!) I just do not like the idea of spending too much when we could also enjoy that special day in a simple and conventional way.

And to wrap up my August, I will also be hitting the grand 33 years of my existence on the 23rd. Yikes! I feel old– again. What are my plans? Nothing much. Go to church in the morning then probably pick up the kids at school since it falls on a Friday, eat out with the fab fam and work on the evening. Boring? Maybe. I guess when people age much, grand celebration could be the the last thing on their minds, but as long as my family is with me, that kind of celebration could be more than enough ^_^

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