My Daughter Loves to Write Too!

People would always say that my daughter Erin, is my Little Me. Of all my three children, she is the one who got my looks (daw) but I object! (hehe) I was an ugly duckling when I was her age with lots of inferiority complex. Opposite to my daughter who is confident about herself at a young age.
I was going through her school stuff one day and I saw sheets of folded paper inside her pencil case. They were notes for her friend, copied bible verse, and other scribbled notes. I then remembered how she wrote a thank you letter to us when she celebrated her 6th birthday and a lot more of her writings. My daughter is indeed my Little Me, she loves to read and write like Mommy!

I have read that creating good writing habits and actually making the act of writing  fun and not a chore or task can greatly help our children on their journey of learning. In today’s generation, writing is imperative to success. I should know because freelance writing is now my bread and butter even though my skill can be categorized to what we call informal writing which is widely accepted on a personal level. Reading through my daughter’s writings today, I know that she will be able  to show her ability to communicate very well in the years to come.
Writing has become a natural thing for my daughter. I do not know if somehow I influenced her when she sees me writing for my blog or doing articles for my clients, nonetheless, I am thankful that she got it from me.
Like Erin, you could also encourage your kids to write. The best way is to get them excited about writing and practice it more often. I know Erin’s writings are not perfect, there are misspelled words, incomplete sentences, bad grammar or sometimes unclear hand writings. But I do not blatantly point those things on her. I believe that at her age of six, she is still at the stage of learning process. I just let her express herself and focused more on the content of her writings.
My heart melted when she handed this note to me one day:
Writing can help our kids to organize their thoughts and express themselves clearly.    

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