Le Soleil De Boracay 2013

Le Soleil De Boracay 2013
That’s my mom and my kids ^_^

We spent our 4 days, 3 nights Boracay family summer getaway at Le Soleil De Boracay. We booked online and it was an easy one. As we searched online for possible hotels where we could stay in, we landed to their website. We browsed the site and then called their Makati Branch Office.

We talked to Christine, one of their sales representative. We asked for their available promos first and see if there’s something that could fit in for us. There was a promo but unfortunately we didn’t qualify but she made adjustments for us. So we had:

4 nights, 3 days Premiere Room
Free breakfast buffet (excluding the 3 kids)
Free transfers from Kalibo to the Hotel and vice versa
We were picked up by the hotel service at the Caticlan Jetty Port, picked up our luggage and drove us to the hotel. Hubby and I were a bit surprised that we had to ride in a van and drive all the way to our hotel. The first time we went to Boracay together was in 2005. From the jetty we went down on the beach water itself and walked through the sand to get to the hotel. But of course, that was eons ago and as we traveled along with our family, we looked at each other as if telling each other that a lot had change since the first time we went there.
We went to the reception area and as hubby detailed our reservation, we were served with their welcome drinks and leis made of small pearls. The kids got excited. It was already past 9pm and we were all hungry and tired.

Enjoying their welcome drinks and leis ^_^


We took a short walk to our room and we passed by the hotel’s private pool. Our room was just in front of the pool and our kids could have jumped in there if only they could.Anyway, this was the Premier Room:

We were escorted by one of the hotel staff to this room. He took us for a quick tour around the room, showed us how to operate the safety vault, the free and not free amenities, how to adjust the air-con, and anything that we might ask about our room stay. Hubby asked for his name and gave him a tip. Upon receiving the tip, he said that we could have all the bottled water for free and that he would just replace it the following morning. Nice isn’t it? Good deeds returned with another good deeds.

During our stay, the staff would call in to our room and would ask if we would like to have our bedding changed while we were on the room or just when we go out. Since the hotel’s private pool was just in front of our room, we asked them to clean the room while we were out on the pool. Hubby just checked on them a few times. They seemed to be trustworthy anyway and our valuables were inside the vault. Hubby just made sure to give a little tip after they cleaned our room.

Le Soleil De Boracay’s Private Pool and Poolside Bar
(My Mom got all the sunburn because she accompanied our kids every time they want to take a dip on the pool)

While the kids were busy swimming in the pool, hubby and I bonded by the poolside bar. The staff was courteous enough to offer what is on their menu every time they see us there. Wi-fi connection is also available on the area and you just need to ask for their password. The only sad part was that the connection could not get through when we were inside our room so we had to stay by the poolside bar if I need to check some emails or update status on my social networks.

Free Breakfast Buffet
(I’m always out of the picture because I’m the one who held the camera the whole time)

We had our free breakfast buffet at their Beach Cafe. The reception area was just within the restaurant, and the receptionist was kind enough to ask the restaurant staff if our two younger kids could eat for free. And they said yes. We only paid extra for my seven year old son (free breakfast buffet was for three adults only). That was on the first day. On the succeeding days of our stay, we were not charged for our son’s breakfast. The staff said it’s just okay since she usually sees our kids having just cereals and milk for breakfast. Another plus point for Le Soleil staff.

Beach front beach chairs are exclusive for Le Soleil Hotel Guests Only

During our stay, we only had our breakfast in the hotel and went out for lunch and dinner. Le Soleil is just a few feet away from the beachfront. There were beach chairs with umbrellas and only guests at the hotel can sit and stay there. Upon checking out, the receptionist would always offer us clean beach towel which we could just leave on the beach chair if we do not like to bring it as we stroll on the beach. There are maintenance personnel on the area that also acts as guide/guard for the guests who are relaxing on the beach chairs. You could also ask them to bring you a drink from the hotel’s restaurant and just charge it to your hotel’s bill. Every time we get in and get out, the staff greeted us with their smiles.

At night, instead of serving dinner inside the restaurant, foods are prepared and served by the beachfront. We did not try dining from their restaurant though because we tried other restaurants/food chains around.

From here let me cut my post about Le Soleil De Boracay as there will be more from my future posts about our Boracay adventure. But for my over-all verdict about the hotel: it’s a thumbs up! It may be a bit pricey compared to other hotels but we enjoyed our stay here and we felt more than welcome, safe, and comfortable.

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