Duty Free Philippines Shopping

Hubby’s boss just got home from their short vacation in Thailand. As usual, he could not just let that opportunity to pass not to tag along as they went shopping at Duty Free. He asked me to check Duty Free’s website as they are not sure how many days/hours is allowed to shop at Duty Free upon arrival. His boss came home from Thailand last Sunday and it was Monday when he asked me that favor. I did not looked for Duty Free’s official website instead I looked for their Official Facebook Account as it will likely be the most updated. And voila! The answer was right on their header!
Shopping Time Frame at Duty Free Philippines
Regular International Travelers may shop within 48 hours upon arrival.
Balikbayan and Overseas Filipino Workers may shop within 15 days upon arrival.
Senior Citizens and Handicapped Individuals may shop within 1 year upon arrival.
To be able to shop at Duty Free Philippines you need to present your Passport as proof of your travel.
What hubby likes more about shopping at Duty Free are the freebies:
Lay’s Soft Pillow
Remote Control from Crunch Chocolates
Three Crunch T-Shirts
Coffee for me!
That Thermal Flask is just perfect for a Coffee Addict like me^_^
These treats are not for me and my family’s consumption alone, hubby gave away some of these to his friends at work and our friends’ kids here in our neighborhood (especially the Cheeseballs!)
Duty Free Philippines Fiesta Mall
Columbia Complex
Ninoy Aquino Avenue, Sto. Nino Paranaque City
Tel No. 552 4337/ Dial: 16-555
Open daily from 9am-9pm

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