Before I Bid Goodbye

To August that is. ^_^
Let me give you a round-up of what happened during the other half of August which I believed is where I left my readers out. You see, before the one week class suspension because of the typhoon Maring that devastated our country especially my town in Cainta Rizal, I was caught up in reviewing my two kids for their 1st Quarter Exam.

Yes, that was right after their week-long Mastery Test. As much as my kids were tired of studying, I felt the same way too! In addition to that, my four year old daughter keeps on getting my attention away from her two siblings during our review session. So, aside from teaching my two gradeschoolers, I also have to do something for the little girl to keep her busy. And that would mean a galore of toys must be sprawled all over the floor. Aha! So that explained my back ache after that. You know how tiring it was to pick up toys and then the other minute they were back on the floor?
Snuggling with Daddy on a bed bad weather.
And then, here comes the bad weather. We were lucky that while the rest of our town was hit by massive flood, our neighborhood was not. The flood only reached through our apartment compound’s gate but we put up some of our appliances just in case the water leveled up. While electricity was never interrupted, our Internet connection became intermittent for almost two weeks. And yeah, my work was affected. Good thing my client understood the situation and advised me to resume working only when everything comes back to normal.
Pizza party on our wedding anniversary.
So what happened on our 8th year wedding anniversary? It was on the 19th, Monday, and it was when the never ending rain started. Since we were not able to get out of the house, hubby cooked shrimped with garlic sauce, ordered pizza and devoured it with the kids. And that’s about it. We made plans of going out the following day but we did not realized that it will be days of no classes because of the typhoon.
One thing that I am most thankful about that unexpected long vacation from school was that my kids’ exams were over. It was just the perfect timing for them to unwind from that two-week brain draining exams. So what they did when they were confined inside our house for days were to play, watch TV, play with PSP/cell phone, and watch Art Attack episodes in YouTube.
On my 33rd birthday ^_^
On the 5th day, Friday, the sun finally came out and it was my birthday. I was not in the mood to go out even though classes were still suspended. We just all went out to buy my birthday cake, ordered pansit and bought a bucket of chicken at KFC. They sang me a happy birthday and feast on the food together.
8th Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts
As we watched the news that night, it stated that another low pressure was on its way and that rain would probably be present again by Sunday or Monday so last Saturday, we decided to dine out (finally). It was as if people were all sick and tired of staying inside their homes that the mall was crowded that day. We bought some stuff for the kids and I bought hubby some shirts as my post-wedding anniversary gift. By the way, he already gave me an advance wedding anniversary gift– a perfume, as always.
Finally went out after the typhoon Maring.
My kids went back to school last Tuesday and they were both excited. As soon as they came home that day, my daughter Erin gave us a good news. She was chosen to represent their class on their English Quiz Bee along with her two other classmates. You can imagine how proud parents we were once again. The following day, they showed us their exam results and I, as their tutor was satisfied of the results. Our hard work definitely paid off.
What a long round-up eh? Anyway, its Saturday but me and Erin girl was up for some reviews again in preparation for their Quiz Bee on Monday. Please do pray for my daughter that God will give her wisdom to get through their English Quiz Bee. Anyway, win or lose, she already made us proud.

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