Yeah, I Skipped June

I’m a bit embarrassed right now after realizing that my first post for July was about claiming my blog on Bloglovin’ and it was a simple clickable link! Oh dear, what a shame! After a month of long hiatus?!
If you are looking at my blog post archive and couldn’t find the month of June for 2013, don’t bother because there’s really none. Yeah, I skipped June. After my last post about how I earn online during the last days of May, I suddenly felt stressed.

The thought of June approaching soon got me cramming to finish most of my online tasks. In between work, I was already preparing my two grade school students for school. I know this school year will be tough on them since they will be going to a new big school as scholars. And as their mom, I can already feel the pressure especially after attending the school’s Parents Orientation wherein grading system were mostly discussed.
During Greenland Academy’s Parents Orientation
(Mr. Dennis Siotto the Principal and son of the Founder of GA)
And so the month of June came and it was a busy and tough month for me as I expected. I was forced to adjust my schedule in managing our home, kids, and my work. As most of my readers know, I am a WAHM who have three kids and I handle them all- ALONE. Hiring a helper sometimes cross my mind but then I’ll say to myself “Nah! It will be easier to handle my kids and our home than being with a stranger at home”.
Although I have been inactive on my blog and on Twitter too (I seldom Tweet these days), I am more active in Instagram. There’s a lot of story you can share even in a single photo and I am glad I can do it with one hand! One on my phone and one on either a flat iron, a pan, or a broom! (yep!multitasking that is). And just as I read that Google Reader had already bid goodbye and Bloglovin’ is a perfect reading preference alternative, I signed up and linked my blog (hence my first post for July).
Anyway, now that I am more used to my new schedule at home and at work, expect to see few posts from me this July (few is the safest word I can promise right now). Here’s what I could possibly be sharing:
  • Featured Blogger- one of my many to-go mommy blogs when I just want to read laid back stories of a fellow mom
  • My New Work Space- I finally found my own corner at home, yey!
  • My Two Grade School Students- back to school posts of my two kids
  • Late posts about our Boracay Trip- hotel review, beach experiences, and more
  • My Son’s First Wedding Entourage Participation

As I was not able to share anything on my month of June, I would love to read your favorite post last month. Feel free to share your link and I would surely be leaving some love on your comment section. ‘Till here. Byers!

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