Work-At-Home Moms, Do You Wear Makeup?

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Maybelline BB Cream l 
Maybelline Foundation l Maybelline Baby Lips l Ever Bilena Blush-on l
Ever Bilena Eyeliner l  

Avon Eyeshadow l Avon Lipstick l Avon Eyeliner l Aido Eyelash Curler
In one of my conversation with my mom, she told me that our neighbors were a bit puzzled as to why I have been ordering makeup from my cousin’s wife who is an Avon Lady when I am just working from home. They knew because I have my name on several pages of the Avon brochures which mean those were my orders. My mom blatantly answered “Why not? It’s not because you are just at home you cannot wear makeup!”. Naturally, I hushed her. I was actually smiling right after that conversation. The following day, my mom told me that two of our nosy neighbors ordered the same items like mine! And then she just saw the other one went out to fetch her kid with a very red lipstick! LOL!

To answer my question/title above, Yes, I do wear makeup– everyday!
You see, being a mother is already a tough job and mind you I have three kids. Along with that, I also work from home which I found more stressful than working in a corporate world like I used to. So, what makes me look forward in the morning aside from my three rowdy kids, a demanding husband, and a stressful work? Wearing makeup. I wear make up to make me feel good and energized the whole day just like what I do when I was a WOHM (work-out of-home mom). 
Unlike before, it only takes less than five minutes for me to finish my beauty regimen now that I am a WAHM. First thing I do when I wake up and after finishing my cup of coffee is to take a bath when everybody else in the house is still sleeping (that would be around 6am). After that, I will apply slight foundation on my face but now I use Maybelline BB Cream. It works like magic! (will probably do a bit of a review about that product). Put some blush on, line my eyebrows, and of course, lipstick! And I am all set to brave the day with my family and work.
I love to hear my kids say “Mommy, ang ganda mo!” (Mommy, you look pretty!) while my husband and everybody else I see when I went out to go to my mom’s house would ask, “Are you going somewhere?” And I will simply say, “No, I am just at home, working”. And I feel good.
I remember when I was just starting up to be a WAHM, I got caught up with my work, the day passed without me taking a bath and hubby came home a bit early than his normal schedule and saw me looking all yucky. I felt embarrassed. And so I vowed to groom myself first before I get busy with everything else. I also noticed that when I became a WAHM, my lips is often dry, I looked pale, my hair looks frizzy, and I got bushy eyebrows! That’s what prompted me to wear makeup even more!
So fellow WAHM’s, does wearing makeup makes you feel better like me? What is your daily beauty regimen? Or do you no longer wear makeup since you find it somehow pointless since you are just at home?

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