DIY Home-Office for Small-Spaced Homes

I finally found my “own corner” in our home. As a Work-At-Home Mom for quite some time now, I have always wanted to have my own work space. My family and I are living in a small apartment and I find it really hard to find a spot where I can work. I am a self-confessed night-owl and so I normally work at night, when my three kids and hubby are asleep. When school started last June, I was able to manage my time and work a little during the afternoon after my kids went off to school and my youngest daughter is having her afternoon nap which usually lasts up to 2-3 hours. And that would mean a lot of working hours for me. 

I think I have been in almost all parts of our house, trying to find that perfect spot where I can work. You know, a table where I can place my laptop, a comfortable chair, and few of my trinkets just like my office table when I was working as an Accounting Staff in a printing and publishing company. Unfortunately, these were the only set ups I had:
Working on our dining table
Working on a make-pretend desk/table in our living room
Working on my lap (did it once and I swear I would never ever recommend this set up when you are a WAHM. It was an ultimate de-motivator for me).
And so, one day I asked hubby to buy me a small but decent desk where I can place in one corner of our living room. Before that I was already eyeing the spot near the living room’s window, in my mind I was already thinking of re-arranging our sofa so there could be room for my little desk. Luckily, hubby has a friend who is an expert in making wooden furniture. He came to our house with his measuring tape and with a quick measuring here and there, he said he will do it on weekend. I was even shy to tell him that it was just a small table, about the size of my laptop and it doesn’t have to be a super polished one.
But to be honest, I was so eager for the weekend to come. Hubby checked on him and he said it was not yet finish but told me that it looked nice and he just need to do some polishing on it. Unfortunately, hubby’s friend became busy the following week and so I already lost my excitement.
Me and my youngest daughter was having our afternoon nap when hubby came home early with the table! Immediately I set things up and here is my current work station now:
It’s the simplest but decent one I had since I became a WAHM and I was truly inspired to work. During day time, my kids would take turn in using my table when they do their assignment. Naturally, I would have to take away my laptop but return it once they are done. I made some DIY-file organizer, pen and pencil holder, and a memo board. (I know that colored polka dots are somewhat familiar to those who are frequent shoppers at SM Dept. Store *wink*). I will make a separate post on those DIY trinkets. Also I have placed my kids’ baby pictures on my table and that pinned Mickey Mouse was actually our Hong Kong Disneyland tickets way back 2010. I placed it there as it motivates me to work hard because hubby and I are hoping we could bring the kids there again.
I have become more productive with my online jobs since I had this home-office set up. Please visit me again as I have drafting some post about the benefits of a having a home-office if you are a WAHM like me and some DIY art crafts.


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