Children’s Costume for Nutrition Month

My kids and I were busy reviewing for their Unit Test the other day when I heard someone calling my name outside. I looked out and saw a familiar face. He was the father of my daughter’s friend and classmate in daycare. He was also an active parent way back during my daughter’s daycare days and he was just one of the few parents I mingled with during that time.
The reason why he paid us a visit was to borrow my daughter’s tomato costume she used two years ago during their Nutrition Month in daycare. It was only then that I remembered about Nutrition Month. After my kids’ exams this week, they will also celebrate the same event at their school. There are no advise yet on what they would do during the celebration but it was entitled “Healthy Lifestyle Presentation”.
Back to my story. Luckily, I just had my daughter’s cabinet cleaned  and I know the costume was just somewhere in there and so I told him to be back the following day.
I pulled out the costume that night and it reminded me of the time I created it. Yes, it was a DIY Tomato Costume and I sewed it by hand. I don’t know what got into me but I tried to search about other tomato costumes and I was smiling as I saw a sexy version of it. I wonder if any of the teachers would wear this. ^_^
I know there are parents out there who are in search for children’s costume for this event. I have becoming a Pinterest addict these days and I saw these cute vegetable costumes for kids and babies. Perhaps these could spark ideas of what your kids can wear on their school’s Nutrition Month celebration.

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