WAHM Blog Revamped

I have been meaning to redesign this blog a long time ago if only I had installed Photoshop on my new laptop. But thanks to some free photo online editor that I’ve found, my desire to revamp SBM’s blog finally materialized.
Actually, the designs are still in progress and I cannot even say that what you are seeing now would be the final look of this blog. I am still itching to change this and that so hopefully all things can be settled at the end of this week.
Anyway if you have noticed, I slightly changed my blog’s description too. Right now, I want to specifically say that I am a work-at-home mom and I want to focus my writings here on being a WAHM. But of course my juggling acts in handling my kids, our family, and my husband will still be chronicled here. For now, please bear with me as I try to put all things together on the blog. New posts will be up the soonest (I’ve made my “to-blog list” so hopefully I could cross them one by one in the following days). 
By the way, in case you have questions, comments, and suggestions about my blog design, feel free to shoot me an email. I discourage comments on the blog itself for now as I am thinking of using a different app on my comments section. This is to lessen the spam comments that I always receive since I disable the captcha here.
Bye for now, oh and I just realized that it is already the first day of the month. In our country, today is Labor Day so let me give my salute to all the hardworking peepz out there especially to my fellow mommies ^_^


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