Second Time to Fly

It’s more than a month since we had our Boracay family summer getaway  but I haven’t blog about it yet. Well allow me to post bits and pieces of that family vacation starting with my children’s second time experience to board an airplane. Their first experienced to fly was back in 2010 when our family went to Hong Kong. They were small children then and they barely remembered how it was to be up in the air.
I booked our flight to Boracay via Zest Air early January 2013 for our April 01-05 family vacation. We got a good deal with the plane tickets because we only paid Php13,000 for three adults and three kids (considering that the date was after the peak season of Holy Week) and it was a round trip ticket from Manila to Aklan. Unfortunately, they don’t have Manila to Caticlan flight so we settled with what we had on hand.
Our departure was at 5pm, not a very good time schedule I know but that was the only time slot available when I booked with them online. We were at the NAIA Terminal 4 as early as 1pm. It’s not that we were all excited but because the van that we hired to bring us to the airport had other schedule. Luckily, we got to checked in our baggage at around 2pm so we were able to move around the waiting area with only our kids to take care of. I gave Ciren and Erin Bonamine for kids (an anti-sickness pill) an hour before our flight just to make sure they won’t get air sick. My youngest is a tough traveller so I didn’t gave her any medicine.
We boarded the plane earlier than 5pm and that was a relief. At first, our seating arrangement was Erin, my mom, and Cien while me, hubby, and Ciren on the other lane. But my two girls wanted to be with me so I changed seats with my mom.
Okay, now here are the funny lines that our kids (mostly by my two girls since my son was just quiet and relaxed during our flight).
As the plane was preparing to fly, Erin noticed how the wing on her side moved, as if it was going to fly.
Erin: Cien, gumagalaw na yun pakpak, lilipad na tayo! (Cien, the wings are moving were going to fly!)
Cien: Ate, lumilipad na ba tayo?! (Sis are we flying?!) (In a very loud voice).
One moment I asked Cien if she’s already hungry and here’s what she answered:
Cien: Opo. kawawa nga ako, kasi kinakain ko na yun laway ko! (Yes, poor me I’m already eating my saliva!).
Erin: Cien look, look down! Oh, we’re flying I can see the clouds! (I don’t know what got into her during that flight, because she kept on speaking in English that’s why nearby passengers were looking her way and smiling).
Cien: Ano ba yan para kasing may tubig ang tenga ko! (I feel like I have water in my ears!)
This was the moment when the plane was on the runway and flew up in the air. I know what she meant. It’s the air pressure inside our ears. That was the reason why I brought chewing gum unfortunately she swallows gum so I only gave her candy.
Cien: Mommy, para kasing nag-ddance yun tyan ko (Mom I feel like my tummy is dancing).
I immediately grabbed the air sickness bag because I knew she was starting to feel sick. Luckily, she didn’t throw up. In less than an hour, we went down the plane and the three kids talked about their flying experience.
More blabs about our Boracay family summer vacation in future posts so please do come back from time to time ^_^.

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