Private Elementary School Hunting in Cainta/Taytay Rizal Area

We have incoming Grade One and Grade Two this school year. Hubby and I decided to transfer our son from his present school (Scholastica De San Alfonso in Cainta Rizal) to a different school since we were not really satisfied in this school’s performance. On the other hand, it is also time for my daughter to attend a big school after attending Pre-school. So we decided to look for another school for our two kids even before their graduation.
We inquired first at Little Jewels Christian School. My mom’s friend recommended this school plus I have two nephews who graduated here before. Here’s what we got upon our inquiry:
• Entrance exam costs Php100 per student
• Teacher-Student ratio is 1:25
• Rooms are not air-conditioned
• School facilities are fine.
• Tuition fee for Grades I-III for School Year 2013-2014 is Php17,758.75 excluding books, notebooks, and materials

About the school
• With Government Recognition, Holistic Christian Education, Quality Education & Character Formation, Affordable Tuition Fee
• They offer Free Summer Reading for Incoming Kinder 2, Grade I pupils and Transferees
• Special Class: Violin, Arts, Majorettes, Voice/Glee Club, Taekwondo, Drum & Lyre, Theatre Arts
Location: Venus St. San Isidro Taytay Rizal
Contact No. 658-7036
We were entertained only outside the Registrar’s Office without even offering us to take a seat. We were given a schedule for the Entrance Exams and we said we’ll just come back.
We went to the 2nd school, at St. Francis of Assisi Montessori School of Cainta. Here’s what we got upon our inquiry:
• Entrance exam costs Php300 per student
• Small number of students in a class
• Air-conditioned rooms
• Use Mac Computers for their Computer subject
• Safe and secure learning environment since the school is located inside St. Francis Subdivision in Cainta Rizal
• Tuition fee for Grades I-III for School Year 2013-2014 is Php 27,302.
You can visit the website to know more about this school.
We had a different kind of experience with them and I’ll ask you to bear with me as this is kind of a long one.
Obviously, tuition fee here is almost double of the 1st school we inquired upon. But the Registrar Officer let us know about their Non-resident Scholarship Program (which I did not see on their brochure nor on their website). According to her, even students who did not graduated from their school can avail of the Scholarship provided that they graduated from their previous school with honors. 1st honor graduate can avail free tuition fee, 2nd honors can avail 75% discount on tuition fee while 3rd honors can avail 50%discount on tuition fee. Imagine how interested we were! Even if we don’t know yet if our kids have honors, we are very much confident that they will both graduate with flying colors. We told the Registrar Officer that we will schedule their entrance exam after graduation.
When my kids’ schools sent us letters informing us that they will be graduating with honors, I called St. Francis of Assisi immediately and asked what requirements should I present when they take the entrance exams. Based on the girl that I talked with, I just need to bring their birth certificate and Php600 for entrance fee (for 2 kids). When I told her that I will avail of their Scholarship Program, she said that certificates of honor could follow later since schools usually give these documents after graduation. I called several times after that (tamang kulit lang and out of excitement). During those calls, I always brought up the topic about their Scholarship Program.
Remember in this post, I told you that my kids had one final thing to accomplish before summer vacation? Well, this was it. They will be taking their entrance exams to avail of their Scholarship. The big day finally arrived.
We went to the school first thing in the morning, the school officials were all in there including the Registrar Officer that we talked with when we first inquire about their school. The same woman who discussed about their Non-resident Scholarship. As I filled up the necessary forms, the owner even told me that I don’t look like I have three kids (bola!). I went to the cashier and paid Php600 for my two kids’ entrance exams. As they were both led to the testing room, I approached the Registrar Officer and told her that both my kids graduated with honors and so we will avail of their Scholarship Program.
Now here comes the bitter-sweet part.
She said, “Oh no, but they would need to be enrolled first in St. Francis Montessori for one school year before they could avail the scholarship provided that they maintained to be the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd honors of their class”.
It was as if a fire sparked up at my husband’s head, and whispered to me to get the kids from the room and we will leave. Of course, I handle the matter professionally and just asked hubby to wait for me in the lobby. I calmly told the Registrar that it was not what she discussed with us, but she insisted.
We could have not possibly got it all wrong. Me, hubby and my Mom all heard and discussed that matter with her. Aside from the very fact that I kept on calling their school about that Scholarship Program. They couldn’t possibly told me to secure certificates of honor for my kids, to avail it, when they knew from the start that they were transfer students. It dawned to me, perhaps that’s why they were not very particular with the type of exams they will be giving when I asked them. The entrance exam doesn’t matter to the Scholarship Program because there was no such thing in the first place.
Our kids finished the exams, and naturally they both passed. The Registrar even got the nerve to tell us that enrollment is now on going after she obviously misled/deceived us with that wrong information. Still keeping my composure (which was very opposite on my husband’s reaction), I told her that we’ll just call them.
We made a final decision when we came home.
We can work things out with the Tuition Fee, but we cannot tolerate the misleading/deceiving information the school gave us. It’s impossible that they are in dire of students to do such acts. I could not even trust their Registrar Officer’s words about the Scholarship my kids could avail if we enroll them in their school for a year and they maintained their high grades. Even that was not in their brochure nor website. So for now, that school was crossed out  of our list.
We had our 3rd school to inquire upon with but let me cut this post from here. I’ll make a separate post about that so please do come back and visit me again.


5 thoughts on “Private Elementary School Hunting in Cainta/Taytay Rizal Area

  1. Farrah Dianne

    Hi, i just cme across your site and enjoyed reading your blogs, thank you for your very informative blog, am from cainta rizal, a mother of three bulilits. Hope you can post the 3rd school, di ko mahanap ang continuation ng private elementary school hunting mo, thanks in advance

    1. Mai Dela Cena Post author

      Thank you for filling there up for me Geraldine! And I love the way you address Farrah and I (calling us mommies ^_^). @Farrah, I hope you read Geraldine’s comment too. Naku, I have kwento about that third school that my kids went into this school year so keep posted:)

  2. Farrah Dianne

    Thank u geraldinne and kay Ma’am Mai, pero baket Ma’am Mai ang link ng website ng 3rd school posted on your blog di na working? ano website nila ngayon? may nakita akong facebook account ng school sa other forum na prinovide ng isang mommi pero am not sure if this is the same school sa blog mo kung san nag-aral mga kids mo ngayon – ,malaki pala ang school if yan nga ang school ng kids mo, parang i read dati dun sa isa pang blog puro exams daw dyan ? dami exams like mastery test etc? how old na ba kids mo? and ilan na ba ang nag-aaral? eennrol ko kids ko dyan,incoming grade 1 and prep

    1. Mai Dela Cena Post author

      Hi Farrah, I moved kasi from Blogger to WordPress kaya siguro nagkaroon ng glitch. Have you tried the link given by Geraldine? I checked it now it’s working naman. Let me know if di pa rin sya ok. Yes, dito nga nag aaral yun 2 kids ko ngayon. Grade 1 and Grade 2. Yes, madugo ang mga exams although okay naman kasi it’s for our kids. Kaso ako na mismo yun na sstress lalo pag nababasa ko un ibang parents preparing reviewers for their kids para sa periodical exams. Ako I do it three times in one grading period kasi meron sila Mastery Test and Unit Test aside from quizzes and assignments almost everyday then uun last is for the Periodical/Quarterly exams. And on top of it, dalawa yun kids ko dun. And I find the students there na medyo magugulo, I don’t know pero that’s how my husband and I observed it for the entire school year na nakapunta kami dun. Ay ang haba na, don’t worry I’ll make a post about it:)


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