Private Elementary School Hunt Ends Here

As promised, here’s the continuation of our Private Elementary School Hunt in Cainta/Taytay Rizal Area. The 3rd school that we inquired upon on was at Greenland Academy. I heard of this school from a fellow mom I knew from Light Bearer Child Development Center. This is where my two kids attended Preschool. She said they teach lessons in advance, her Grade 1 daughter was actually studying lessons from Grade 2 & 3 plus they offer Special Program like Robotics and Chinese Lesson. Most honor students of the LBCDC go to this school because they offer Academic Scholarships for Transferee. We could have enrolled my son there had we known about it when he graduated from Preparatory but we opted for Scholastica De San Alfonso.
I just checked Greenland Academy’s website first. And I would say that I was impressed plus their rules about Academic Scholarships for Transferee were clearly indicated on their website. So I inquired through phone the following day and I got the same information from their website.

 • Requirements for Academic Scholarships for Transferee

1) Submit Honors Certification from previous school
2) Must pass the Entrance Examination with 90% average score or above and must be 90% in all subjects.

I asked when can our kids take their Entrance Exam and she gave me a couple of dates that I could choose from. Since there is a required average score for their Entrance Exam to be eligible for Scholarship, I chose a week after that call so my kids can still review. I was told that I should submit all requirements 2 days before the exam. When I asked how much is the Entrance Exam Fee she said it’s FREE since my kids were honor students. Me and my kids went through their old books and notebooks few days before their exam and reviewed some of their previous lessons.
Entrance exam date arrived and we were at the school before 8:00am. We were only asked to bring pencil and then the kids were assisted to the testing room. We asked how long the exam will last and they said it could take 2 hours or less but it depends on the child.
My daughter finished her exam ahead of her brother. We asked them how was the exams? Were they able to answer all the questions? Did they find it difficult or easy? And both my kids just answered, “Mas mahirap pa yun ginawa mong reviewer sa amin Mommy!” (Lol!) We were told to just call the following day to know the result of their exams. And we treated the kids for a McDonald’s breakfast after that.
The following morning hubby called the school asked for my kids’ test results. We were all crossing our fingers while waiting for the answer on the other line.
They both passed!
I’m still unconvinced and asked what their scores were since I remembered they need to get an average of 90%. She said there was only the word PASSED beside their names and that only means they reached 90% or above. They can avail of the Scholarship!
All right, my son can avail 50% discount on his tuition fee while 20% for my daughter. The tuition fee on Greenland Academy is Php 26,967 (for Grade 1) and Php 29,214 (for Grade 2) a bit higher than that of SFAMSC and to think that we still have a lot to shell out of our pockets for their tuition fee. But hubby and I were impressed on the school’s academic excellence. Also the fact that they keep an eye to kids with above average intelligence hence giving Scholarships even to those who did not study from their school.
Books Php4000+ (each kid)
Uniforms Php3000+ (both kids)
We went back to the school last April 30 and enrolled our two kids, paid for their tuition fees, uniforms, and books so now we were literally “broke” (lol!) Nevertheless, we know that the kids will do their best to maintain their scholarships and I promised both of them that I will always be there to teach and help them with their studies the best as I can. That would be another challenge for me as a Work-At-Home Mom. For finances and other school expenses, we’ll leave it to their Dad haha!
Visit Greenland Academy’s website to know more about the school or you could visit their official Facebook Page.


9 thoughts on “Private Elementary School Hunt Ends Here

  1. Hi mommy! I love ur blog! I am once a blogger too but then I am soooo busy with my kids lalo na walang yaya ^_^ I have 2kids and their age gap was 2years. I miss blogging! And btw, I am on hunting a school for my son(panganay), Nursery.. Can I know what u can recommend? I’m in Taytay Rizal too ^_^

    1. Hi May Ann! I’ve been busy with my online jobs, I hardly check my blog. Regarding your question, I highly recommend Light Bearer Christian Academy. I have written a couple of reasons why, feel free to browse! Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Hi! I find this blog post very useful. I am thinking of enrolling my child to Greenland Academy. From your post, I see that it has been a year since you enrolled your kids there. What are your thoughts and feedback on the school so far? I would love to hear them! Thank you!

    1. Hello maam I would like to seek your feedback about this school. Considering its 2016 now..maybe you have much experience.with this school already. len

  3. Hi i would love to ask your feedback regarding Greenland, how was it? is the approach traditional or progressive? Many thanks – mon

  4. Hi mommy pwede bq makapag ask sayo ng idea how much ang tuition fee per payment term sa vreenland academy. I have a son and incoming grade 7 kasi and parang gusto ko iconsider yung school kc naaamaze ako sa kung anong meron sya. Hope you can read this. If hindi kalabisan makahingi ng copy ng tuition fees nila please do send it to my email add malaking tulong sya sakin momshie. Salamat in advance

    1. Hi Melissa,

      I’m sorry, super late na ang reply ko. I have no idea na how much ang TF nila sa GA ngayon eh. You can always call naman thru their phone number. Okay ang turo dun, advanced sila. Grabe nga ang daming mga exams per quarter.

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