Our Kids Are Growing and (I Think) It’s Getting Easier

We celebrated Mother’s Day at Island Cove and it was actually unplanned. We just learned that my SIL will be having their staycation there and hubby decided to go with them. So Friday night, hubby told me to pack our things and BIL will pick us up somewhere in Buendia the following morning to bring us to Island Cove since we don’t have a car.
I was caught between packing and working that night after the kids slept. Then, I made a quick inventory on my mind of what should I pack for the kids. Finally, I decided to work first. At 2am, I was going through my kids’ drawers and putting their clothes in.
And then I thought—our kids are growing and somehow I am not that exhausted anymore in taking care of them and doing stuff for them. Just like the task of packing things for my little gremlins.
I remember when they were at the age of 4, 3 and 1. My two older kids were still bottle feeding while my youngest is breastfeeding. I am sure you could imagine what were in the diaper bag- feeding bottles for two, milk, wash cloth, baby wipes, extra clothes, toys, and other essentials for little kids. And then at night, when the two kids would ask for milk while I am nursing our youngest, I would nudge hubby with my feet and he will automatically gets up and shake two milk bottles in each hand. Ah, those were the days!


Here is a list of things that my growing up kids can do now independently and make my mommy duties a bit lighter:
• We can now dine out without creating scenes-  our kids now know that it will take some time before our orders come in. Instead of making a fuss or intend to run around, my son will play game on his PSP, Erin girl will bring out her pen and paper and write, and my youngest will ask for my cellular phone and browse through the pictures and videos in there or play games. And they can eat on their own without any table mishaps (e.g. spilled water, cutlery landing on the floor).
• All three of them now can swim and play inside the pool on their own- provided that it is a kiddie pool. Unlike before, where I have to take a dip with them. When we went to Boracay and last Sunday at Island Cove, I just sat on the edge of the pool and watched them over.
• They can get dressed by themselves- even my youngest. I just have to prepare their clothes, powder, lotion, and cologne and they will come to me showing that their all set.
• They sleep on their own- after watching our favourite TV program, they know that it’s already time for bed. Although sometimes I missed telling stories first before they slip on with their sheets.
• They clean up their mess- sometimes they forget. But still, once I reminded them, they will be picking up their toys, dirty clothes, and school stuff and place it on their proper storages.
• They can wait for me till I wake up in the morning- they know that I work at night so I don’t have to get up when they do (if it is a weekend or summer vacation like now). They would just turn on the TV and my eldest son will prepare cereals for his two sis and the next thing I will hear are them laughing at their favorite morning cartoon shows.• I can ask my two older kids to buy from the nearby store- actually it is within our compound and it’s my aunt’s store so there’s no danger at all. I can ask both of them to buy me onion, soy sauce, cooking oil, etc.
These are just few of the things that I noticed with my growing up kids. And somehow, this work-at-home mom feels relieved and proud that after hearing side comments from the past about me having three kids in a row, hubby and I managed to raise them and make them responsible, healthy, and smart kids.I am not saying that it is easy to raise three kids in a row (you can read how chaotic my days are in my previous posts)—all I am saying is that at least, it is getting easier ^_^

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