How Do I Earn Money Online

When I became a work-at-home mom, I seldom leave our house. People from our neighborhood will only see me whenever I do some bank errands, go to my kids’ school, goes out for a family date on weekends, and in some cases if I decided to finally go out with my few trusted girlfriends. So in those rare moments that they would see me finally out in my cave, people would often ask me how I actually earn online.
By the way, in our neighborhood, it is already a known fact that I work from home. My family particularly my Mom made it known to her friends, our relatives, and neighbors. However, she often complains to me that when people ask her how I really earn from working at home, she finds it hard to explain (though I normally tells her that she doesn’t have to). 
But honestly, I also get tired of repeating my work and how I earn online to people especially if the person is not really interested. So now, allow me to spill the beans on how I earn money online and save myself from the redundancy.

1. Blogging- aside from sharing the world wide web lots of stories about my family, my kids, my husband, and yes everything about me from the smallest to the biggest events of my life I also earn from blogging through Sponsored Posts and Ads. It is not my regular online gigs but when advertisers notice my humble blogs (I have three but this is my most updated one), I get thrilled and excited when I check my Paypal and/or bank account after doing the task or posting their banners or links.
2. Freelance Writing- I worked for an Independent Contributor for almost two years and I was paid on a monthly basis. I did freelance writing and Social Media Accounts Management for them. So it was like having a regular job since I get paid on a regular monthly basis (which is in fact higher than my monthly salary from the publishing company I worked for before). It was truly a blessing to have met my previous boss online as well as my online co-workers. But I did not settle for that one client alone as I also works for Odesk until now. When I was still working, I only applied and accepted writing jobs on per project basis. But when I decided to become a full time WAHM, I started accepting hourly jobs. Luckily, I met again another Independent Contributor who offered to pay me on a weekly basis to do the same tasks like I did two years ago.
3. Card Invitations and Layouts- I do this a long time ago when I learned how to use Photoshop and got into Digital Scrapbooking. I charge my clients for a very minimal cost and sometimes even FREE for my close friends and relatives after all it is more of a hobby than a job for me and I love doing it^_^
4. Simple Website Setup- I created a simple website for hubby’s company where he works and I got paid for doing it.
I know some people raised their eyebrows when I tell them that I earn money online and claims working at home as a career. But I just let them do that. What matters to me is that aside from being a full time mom and a wife, I am still able to help my husband financially, have some extra money for myself, and be able to do what I am passionate about.Do you want to know more about earning online too? Do visit me again as I plan to post more about my WAHM life and how I manage to be one with a household to maintain, a husband, and three kids at tow almost  24/7.

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