WAHM Back from Vacation

Hello! My family and I were back from our vacation last Friday afternoon. We slept after we had our lunch and woke up at 5pm. We all felt energized after that and I even thought I could go back to work that night. But after we had our dinner and I laid beside the kids to put them to sleep, my eyes went heavy again and dozed off to sleep with them! Oh well, another night of absence from my work would not be that bad since I have my clients’ approval of my five days vacation.
Hubby and I were talking a while ago how we felt like we were still on a vacation mode. How do you beat that hang over? Just curious because today was supposed to be my laundry day yet we all gathered inside our room, turned the A/C on, watched a movie then slept the whole afternoon again. Yay!
Anyway, I am sure you know that I will be blogging about our Boracay Family Summer Getaway soon here on the blog. As much as I want to blab about it, I still have to prioritize my work. So for now, I hope you will just keep on visiting my blog as I will definitely share here our experiences in Boracay.
But to give you a peak of what we had on our vacation, let me share to you these beautiful scenes of Boracay Island Philippines.

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