That five-day family vacation is still taking its toll on me. While I made it a point to inform my clients about my recent vacation and finished what needs to be done for that week before I left, I still got a piled-up tasks when I came back. I am not complaining though because I really feel blessed of having this kind of online job. My clients give me regular tasks every week that I need to accomplish.
Unfortunately it took me a few days more to get back in the groove of working at home again so here I am– cramming and staying up till I here our neighbor’s rooster crow.
Can this be an acceptable reason why I have not posted anything here since I came back from our vacation? I hope so!
I will not promise this time but once I get things cleared on my desk, I will give you something to read and look on to this blog. Meanwhile, I need to get back to work and please do not get tired of taking a peek at this humble blog of mine.


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