Craft Work: Quick DIY Medal Frame

As soon as summer vacation started, our inflatable pool served its purpose to the maximum level. It was placed in front of our house for days and my kids invited their cousins and playmates to have a dip with them. Since my mom was there to look after the kiddos, I had time to craft!
It’s been ages since I made my hands worked on something artistic. Yes, I love DIY arts and crafts! I remembered doing my 2nd daughter’s invitations and souvenir give away for her 1st birthday. Ah, those were the days when I only have two kids to take care of.
Do-It-Yourself Medal Frame in action
I was supposed to arranged my closet that day when I saw my two kids’ medals sprawled inside
one of my drawers. I’ve been eyeing on the medal frame I saw at SM Department Store but it can only hold up to four medals plus I think it costs too much for a medal frame. Erin alone had more than five medals from her Nursery and Kinder years in Day Care. When I quit Facebook, I’ve been a Pinterest and Instagram fanatic and so I looked in those two sites for some craft ideas and voila I’ve found one and now I am glad to share the simple steps on how to make a Quick Do-It-Yourself Medal Frame :
Quick Do-it-yourself Medal Frame
1. Get a frame with a size that could hold several numbers of medals ( I used an 8×11 picture frame) 
2. Take off the back covering of the frame leaving the white thin sheet and the glass surface.
3. Place the medals face down on the glass and clip the ribbons at the edge of the frame.
4. Feel free to do the kind of arrangements you like (I randomly placed the medals and included my kids’ graduation pictures to make it more looked like a graduation medal frame).
5. You can secure the medal with a double-sided tape so it will not move once you put the cover back.
6. With the ribbons hanging at the back, you can either tape or staple them to keep them away from showing when you hang your medal frame.
7. Make sure that the frame is not too heavy when you have the medals in it.
8. Hung the frame.(I placed it at the far left and right side of our wall where I think it’s safe and no one will be hurt in case mishaps happen).  
And here’s my finished Quick DIY Medal Frame! 
No more medals hidden in boxes. Now my kids will always see their achievements hung on our wall. I am sure they will be more motivated to do their best in school so they could have additional medals to be framed by their dear Mommy. If I’ll have another ME time, I intend to make a more sophisticated and artistic medal frame and I’ll make sure it will be better than this one. In the meantime, I have to settle with these.^_^

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