Looking Forward to Our Kids’ Moving Up Day

Last Monday, I could not help but share on my Facebook page how I felt when I heard the good news from my two kids. My eldest son got the 2nd honors in their class while my daughter bagged the 3rd honors. I bet you could guess how proud we are for having these smart kids.^_^
Hubby thanked me for being his kids’ mom, for choosing to be a WAHM for the sake of our kids. He knew how hard it is to combine work, take care of our three kids, household chores, and a whole lot more that a mom has to do almost 24/7.
Last month, my daughter’s teacher told me that my daughter will be doing a declamation on their Moving Up Day. According to her, it is the first time that they will be doing it and with a preschool student. My daughter is in Senior Kinder and her teacher has strong belief that my daughter can do it very well. She based her judgment on how my daughter speaks during their class. She loves practicing her English at home when she is playing, watching movies, and whenever she feels like talking in English. I overheard one time when she was playing, her playmate asks her why she talks in “maarte” way. She answered “di yun maarte, English yun di mo kasi maintindihan”. Lol! Hays, kids these days!
Anyway, she will declaim A Glass of Cold Water and she already memorized every single word of it. I am praying though that she will not get nervous once she sees many guests on that day.
My daughter will be wearing a pink gown/dress provided by their school. It is included in their Graduation Fee as well as the props and costumes they will use for their Festival (class presentations). For my son, hubby promised that he will buy him new polo, jeans, and a pair of black shoes. He will be receiving the 2nd honors on their Graduation Day.
Few more days to go and I am still looking for the perfect hair style that would suit my daughter. Last night, I tried to give her and her sister the natural, no heat curls. I tied up their hair the night before and let it loose the following morning. I did not liked how it turned out so I did not bothered to take a picture.
Today, I tried to braid her hair and gave her a simple pulled up hairstyle but I still cannot choose what to do with her hair. Thankfully, I do not have to worry about how my son will look likes on his Graduation Day. I would just have to remind him to smile like Coco Martin and he will be as charming as he already is. ^_^
Aside from the honors and special presentation that my kids will be doing on their big day, we are all looking forward on a bigger opportunity for them. Oh and about that, I will just share it to you when things are all set meanwhile I wish you all to have a great day! See you on my next post!


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