I Got Tired of Facebook So I Quit

LIKE if you can relate! LOL!
Yesterday I posted a note on my Facebook wall about my intent to leave my personal Facebook account for good. I know it raised a lot of eyebrows but for me, I FELT GOOD just by giving that advisory!
I felt much better when a friend sent me a personal message commending me for my decision. It just so happened that she is thinking the same way too.
Story Book Mom‘s page will remain as I find it important to keep my presence online. I even asked my Facebook frriend’s to like the page so we could still keep in touch through personal messages and comments. But honestly, it would be perfectly okay with me if they don’t. After all, I sill have other Social Media accounts and I am planning to set them all available in public like my Twitter account and Instagram. As usual, these are all in connection with my blogging and WAHM life.
Why I came up with that decision?
I guess I just got tired of Facebook. I also can relate to Lisa Brown’s article about her quitting Facebook. Like her, I came up with an article on How to Avoid Distraction from Facebook. But I came to a point when I find it insufficient.
I need to quit from Facebook.
Right at this moment, as I delete friends on my list (which I find very tedious), you know what I felt? FREEDOM! I am not exaggerating here but that’s what I really felt.
Aside from the fact that Story Book Mom‘s page is linked to my personal account, I have my fellow mommy bloggers group in there hence I cannot just delete the account. They are important to me. I know I am just on the initial stage of quitting Facebook and I’ll let you know if I can survive.
Does quitting Facebook also gets into your mind sometimes?
Feel free to share your thoughts.


4 thoughts on “I Got Tired of Facebook So I Quit

  1. I was thinking of doing the same thing just a few days ago. I barely ever use my facebook account but I decided to keep it as its a way for distant family members to keep up with my daughter’s growth & development. However it now has me thinking,what’s wrong with phone calls & sending pictures via mail? Hmm…think I’ll be quitting facebook soon as well.

  2. Exactly! And would it be more exciting if you would be asked for pictures of your kids instead of having it available anytime for all your other Facebook friends to see. Well, of course there are different privacy settings *wink*.I think going back to basics like phone calls and e-mails is something we should all try again:) Thanks for sharing your thoughts Osh. Good luck to us on our quest to completely get out of Facebook ^_^

  3. I’m just lucky that I’m not that into social media. Like for twitter, I only created my account recently, but isn’t really active in tweeting. As a blogging hobbyist, I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not, LOL!

    But it’s my FB groups that makes me keep on coming back. But then again, I need discipline in that one.

  4. Sis Nova, I think as bloggers, we have to be “that sociable” ^_^ Facebook eats a lot of my time that’s why I decided to leave. As of this writing, I’ve been more productive in many ways since I came up with that decision. I’m getting addicted to our FB Group though:) that’s one of my reason why I did not deleted my personal account.

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