Featured Blogger: Charmin Calamaris of Momiverse

I usually start my blog hopping at Momiverse. Why? Because I get to read a lot from this site. It covers a lot of topics that most moms would surely be interested of. No wonder it’s called Momiverse!
Momiverse is an online lifestyle magazine that aims to help busy Moms (like me!) to find time for themselves. From one topic to another, every Mom can find the connection and would say to themselves “Hey, I can relate to this!” Just recently, I read one of their post about marriage and it was as if they know what I am going through. Parenting, self-pampering, marriage– name it and you would surely find something that would satisfy your thirst for good to read articles.
Charmin Calamaris is the Founder, Publisher and Editorial Director of Momiverse. We followed each other on Twitter and this is one of the reason why I chose to feature Momiverse here on Story Book Mom. Being the head of this gigantic online mom magazine, I felt her concern and interest to interact with their readers/subscribers. I was surprised the first time she replied to one of my tweets and it was followed by a couple of exchange tweets in Twitter. Compare to some popular blog/site owner, I sensed that she is a “real person and a mom” behind her online identity, replying to other people despite her status in the blogosphere.
Want to know more about Charmin Calamaris? Go ahead, read on.
When Charmin Calamaris’ two little boys were only five months old and two years old, her strong desire not to return to her previous 12-year career in land use and environmental policy — which required long days and longer evenings — motivated her to think about starting a home business. Add to that two high risk pregnancies, two preemie babies and some serious health issues and life events and Charmin was forced to put her type-A personality on the back burner and begin taking better care of herself. She learned that taking time and making time for herself allowed her to be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and citizen. This was the catalyst for creating the Momiverse.
Charmin loves being a mom and finds the job pretty awesome and demanding, but it doesn’t consume all of her. When she isn’t being a mom and working on the Momiverse she enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends, the occasional girl’s night out or weekend trip away, fly-fishing, and travel. Charmin now lives and experiences good hair days in the Sonoran Desert after living in Seattle for several years. And thanks to her 8 and 6 year old boys, she knows more than she ever wanted to know about LEGO Ninjago.
Visit Momiverse and get a load of oozing Mommy articles plus get to know Charmin, she will surely love to see you all there!
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I am featuring my favorite blogs and bloggers here on Story Book Mom because they inspire me to live my day to day life as a family woman and as a Work-At-Home Mom. I consider them as my breather when the going gets tough around my family and work. If you want to be featured too (in case I haven’t discovered your blog yet) send me an email at storybookmom23@gmail.com containing a brief description of your blog and a short bio of yourself. Note: Your blog must contain topics that I normally discuss on own site to qualify (parenting, marriage, child care, home living, WAHM, SAHM). Blog and bloggers outside the Philippines are welcome to participate.

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