Another Year and Getting Better

“Everybody calls me young, beautiful, and wonderful, Am I? Look at my hair, my lips, my red cheeks, and a pair of blinkering eyes. I remember somebody says that I look like my mother but that was when she was young. Now, I am much lovelier than she is!”

This was the first part of your declamation piece and I know we both can truly relate on this. Remember how we often hear comments from people that you looked exactly just like me but a lot prettier of course. My heart melted when you were asked who between your parent is your look-alike and you will proudly say that it’s me, your Mommy!
Happy 6th Birthday Erin Girl!
Mommy’s “Mini Me”
We both know that we are not always smooching around as mom and daughter in fact we always argue. At six years old, you act as if you know everything. I am sure when you grow old, you will remember how I often calls you “intrimitida”. Yes, that is how me and your dad sees you as a little girl and here are some scenes when you showed that kind of trait:
  • When you just got home from school on a Friday and you told me that you will have to bring a plastic balloon on Monday. You wanted me to produce that thing right then and there– argument started and you cried the whole afternoon.
  • When you brought out all your clothes and headed on to your Mommy Lola’s house to take a bath in their bathroom when you have not been answered yet if you can really take bath in there.
  • When you asked me if I already charged your tablet ten minutes after you first asked me.
  • When you insisted that you want to practice Multiplication when I told you we will start with Addition and Subtraction first.

.. and a lot more.

Though I know this trait of yours is also a sign of you being smart still we could not help to call you “intrimitida”. In some ways this name calling is just a part of our “lambing” to you just when your siblings would call both of us “mata” or “owl”. ^_^
She loves to read just like her Mommy!
At six years old you never ceased to make us proud. You excel more in school this year and once again, you gave Daddy the chance to go up the stage and made us proud when you received your 3rd honors medal. You also amazed us by your talent in dancing which we never thought you have lol! You also showed how friendly you are in school and how you treasure your friends in your heart. At six years old, you have been persuaded by your teachers to enhance your skills in speaking with a large number of people through declamation. You never knew how proud we were when you stood confidently on that stage and delivered your piece.
You know we will not celebrate your special day today with a party. As what we planned, we will go to church in the morning then buy you a cake and our favorite pancit to share with your cousins and playmates. I know you are as excited as your siblings because Daddy and Mommy have a bigger celebration for you and your siblings tomorrow.
For now, let me greet you again a Happy 6th Birthday Erin Girl! Keep on doing things you love.
Write. Read. Explore.
You know Daddy, Mommy, Kuya Ciren, Cien and Mommy Lola will always be there to support you.

I love you Duday Liit! We love you En-gerl!

Happy with her Ninong Papap’s Graduation and Birthday Gift
P.S. We laughed out loud when your Ninang Tetet told us your conversation with her:

Erin: Ninang Tetet alam mo honor ako sa school.

Ninang Tetet: Ah talaga, ang galing mo naman.

Erin: Si Ninong Papap nga wala pang gift sa akin eh!

Ninang Tetet: Naku oo nga ako din wala pang gift sayo.

Napaka-intelehenteng pahaging hindi ba? LOL!

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