Another Mommy’s Pride

Hubby and I looked forward at the end of every school year because like our two kids who studied for the whole nine months, we also did our responsibilities of guiding and teaching them to excel in their class. This is the time of the year when we become all anxious about the results of all our hard work. I am done sharing my daughter’s achievement and now it’s my son’s turn.
Speaking for my son, I know it’s not easy to be a 1st grader with the K12-Education System
implemented by the DepEd. I found their lessons more complicated than what we had back in the days (err.. that was ages ago actually). I admit there were times when even I, can’t understand some of his assignments. It could be because they started young to be a 1st grader (grade 1 starts at six years old, a year younger before K12 was implemented which is seven years old) or they really have to study and learn advance lessons.
Anyway, I am just glad that my son passed them all with flying colors. He was the 2nd honor of their class and he got a Best in Mother Tongue Award (more or less like a Filipino subject).
Hubby gave him his prize when we arrived home from his Recognition Day. It was a new bike!
Now, summer vacation officially started for my kids. Just before they sleep, they already asked me if they can go swimming tomorrow and I couldn’t say no. After this post, I will be taking out their inflatable pool so hubby can prepare it first thing in the morning. I want them to enjoy their weekend because there will be one final activity for them in a school on Monday. It will be another challenge for them and for me as their mom as well. I’m not yet ready to share the details but I will do soon.^_^
How are you going to start the Summer Season with your kids already on vacation from school?

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