An All Pink Moving Up Day Outfit

My daughter’s dress/gown for their Moving Up Day arrived yesterday and so was their pink toga. As I’ve said in my recent post, it was provided by their school and so it means that my daughter and the rest of her girl classmates will all be wearing the same outfit on their Moving Up Day. I did not saw what the boys will be wearing but I know it will be uniformed like the girls.
I love the combination of color pink and lavender on her gown and the style as well. The girls will look like princesses on their special day for sure.

Since Erin do not have any shoes yet, hubby and I rushed to SM City Taytay yesterday. Luckily, the store had an on going sale and we found great finds for my daughter’s Moving Up Day. 
I bought her this pink glittery sandals from Rusty Lopez at a very friendly price of Php600. I was so happy to find this pink sandals as it matched perfectly on her Moving Up Day dress/gown.
I am still torn among these three cute hairstyles for girls. Which one do you think is easy to copy?
Anyway, I bought Erin a pair of glittery silver hair pin if I decided to just lay it down with soft curls. It only costs Php60 and the set of silver earrings and necklace was also on sale, great find at a price of Php195.
As I took pictures of my daughter’s graduation stuff, I noticed that they are all in pink. Indeed, it will be an all Pink Moving Up Day tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “An All Pink Moving Up Day Outfit

  1. Hi. I was researching about Light Bearer Christian School and I came across your blog. I just wanted to get feedback regarding the school. I’m looking for a school for my kids and I would like to know more about THIS school before I make a decision. You said that this moving up dress came from the school? How much did it cost? I also noticed that they would have the same clothes during events. I was told that they would ask for contributions for that. How often do they do it? Please let me know in general if this is a good school to go to. Looking forward to your response.

  2. Hi Shiney Sweetie:)

    Let me answer your last question first. In general I highly recommend this preschool:) My two kids went here and I gave my two thumbs up with the way they teach and treat their little students:) They have 3 teachers whom you can trust your kids with once you drop them off to their class. One thing more, they handle only small number of students so they can focus on teaching each and every student. Even their Nursery students can already read with proper diction and pronunciation at the end of the school year. With regards to their Graduation Dress, this year was the first time they did a uniformed Graduation outfit and we paid P2,000 for their Graduation fee and that includes the dress, graduation pics, props on their presentation, Yearbook and other miscellaneous. Whenever they have events at school they asked parents if they want to buy their own costumes for their kids or just bought it directly from them. It’s still on the discretion of the parents. Events usually occur in their big school at Karangalan. As far as I can remember, those are just Linggo ng Wika and Foundation Day.

    Hope I answered all your queries. If you would need to ask other details about LBCA, feel free to send me an email:)


  3. Thanks for your prompt response. My kids are incoming grade 1 and grade 3. Is it any good in the big school? How often do they hold programmes? Will it be hard for working moms like me with limited leave credits to use?

  4. I don’t know if my previous comment has been submitted so I am resubmitting it…
    First off, thanks for the very prompt response.
    My kids are incoming 1st and 3rd graders. Is it any good on the big school as well? How often do they hold activities or programs? Will it be difficult for working mothers like me who has very limited leave credits?

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