Up for the Big Changes

Hi y’all! Thank goodness while waiting for my new assignments, I got the chance to visit and made some tweaks on Story Book Mom.
photo source: http://www.good.is
I mentioned before about some changes that I planned for this blog, well, the first one was already revealed. My very first featured blogger is up on my scheduled posts right now and it would be live on the blog by Sunday! Yey!
Here comes another change: Can you see my photo on the right side of my blog? I finally updated my About Me section! Some people (most of them were people I worked with online)
who drop by my blog would often tell me that I lack more info about myself. Well, I guess I was just so occupied with lots of things that I overlooked this important part on my blog.
Curious of what I wrote about me and my family? Go ahead, click the photo!
I am pretty sure after you read “Who Is Story Book Mom?” You’ll have a clear idea of what my future posts will be ^_^
Well, it’s just about time I think and a perfect way to start my 2013.

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