Reminiscing My Work-Out of Home Days

I hated Mondays then.. can’t wait for Fridays and looked forward to Saturdays and Sundays.

It went every week of every month for years of me being a work-out of home mom (WOHM).

At night, as I put my kids to sleep, I would think of things I should do in the morning before they wake up. I would love to prepare a sumptuous breakfast for hubby and me to keep us going through our day in the office. Like,  eggs and bacon with rice or I would toast a loaf to partner with it along with a cup of coffee or juice. My kids just love cereals for breakfast so I had no problem with that.
So I’ll set the alarm at 5am.
Come morning, and my youngest will be the first one to wake up yanking me to get out of the room even before the alarm went on. And she would cling on to me as I prepare for work.
Dream breakfast gone.
Hubby and I would just share a cup of coffee and off we will go to my mom’s place to drop off the kids. They will go back to our house when it’s time for my kids to prepare for school. The hardest part of our morning was to see our youngest crying out loud because she don’t want me to go.
It was heartbreaking I tell you.
Because it took me minutes to pacify her and made lots of trick just so I could escape from her arms– we would encounter the dreadful traffic. Hubby and I worked in Quezon City and we live in Cainta Rizal. We normally take three rides, into an FX, a train and a jeep before we arrive to work. Every minute of tardiness means a 10 peso deduction off my salary as a rule in our company and if I exceeds to 80  minutes of late in a month, I will get a love letter memo that could lead to suspension and/or dismissal.
Once I arrived in the office, I would text my mom how the kids are doing since we didn’t have a land line (yeah, just few minutes after and I’ll be checking on them again). My day at the office would depend on the kind of ambiance we have. If there are deadlines to meet, if there are clients acting up like spoiled brats or if there are bosses around acting like GODS. The reason why I love Fridays then is because it’s less stressful since most of the clients, boss and co-workers are in good mood also looking forward to weekend like me.
5:30pm and hubby will be dropping at our office so we could go home together. It’s either we will both wait till 6pm or I will file an under time (it will reflect on my payslip as well as the deducted amount because of that) just so we could go home a bit early. Again, we will have to brave the long line at the train station and at the FX Terminal plus the traffic.
Sometimes, I needed to file emergency half day or under time when the kids are sick and would begged me to come home early. Luckily, I have a “unique” boss whom, whether he liked it or not, would allow me to go home. The hassle will continue when I wouldn’t be able to go to work the following day or I would have to face a pile of work the next morning because of that half day or under time.
Upon arriving home, the kids had their dinner already at my mom’s house and in their pajamas as well so it would just me and hubby who will eat. Most of the time, we would just both grab a sandwich and dozed off to bed or we would have our dinner on our way home (thanks to Gateway Mall). We both don’t have the energy to play with the kids so we will just all go to bed, turn on the A/C and watch a movie on CD or DVD. We will not finish the movie though because we all followed the 8:30pm bedtime.
The same scenario will happen for the rest of the weekdays. That’s why I looked forward to weekends. What happened on weekends during my work-out-of home days? Well, I’ll probably share that on a different post. Just by reminiscing those days made me tired and exhausted again.
Thank God I am no longer in that situation which is why I love being a work-at-home mom (WAHM) now.


6 thoughts on “Reminiscing My Work-Out of Home Days

  1. If I can switch roles, I’d be a WAHM too. But for now I’m thankful that my schedule is flexible and my work allows me to adjust whenever Meg has an activity at school, or if she’s sick, etc. My work schedule is also crazy before, but now, I’m the one who brings her to school and fixes everything.

  2. Aww, good for you sis Irene. Savor it wile it lasts at habang isa pa lang baby mo:)Things became so different nun naging tatlo na kids ko eh ^_^

  3. Rant: Hay! My parents are pushing me to get a “real” job kasi raw walang career growth sa work-at-home jobs. Nahihindian ko pa sa ngayon, pero habang tumatagal, parang napipilit na nila ako kumuha ng work. My dad even went as far as getting a job for me na baka magstart na by the 2nd half of the year. Nakaka-sad kasi ayaw ko talaga maging wohm.

    Sabi ni hubby pagbigyan ko raw muna at pride raw ng dad ko masisira pag di ko sinipot yung trabaho. Tapos resign na lang pag tapos ng contract. Kaso ayaw ko talaga iwan ang kids. Nasa stage pa naman sila na ang daming milestones.

  4. Thanks Denise and Serene:) Mas masarap pa rin talaga yun kasama mo mga kids 24/7:) @Kim, I understand your dilemma. Like what you wrote in one of your post, about dun sa person asking what are you doing and you got a negative reaction when you tell you’re a WAHM. Siguro, that also prompted your Dad to push you from working out of home. Tama si hub mo, pagbigyan mo nlng. There are pros and cons naman on your part. Experience din for you. Perhaps 6 mos. would be enough and maybe you’ll hear nothing na about you choosing to be a WAHM than a WOHM kasi you’ve experienced both na. Good luck Kim, hope all things get well once you started working:)

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