MacBook Pro… Almost!

I should have said “Yes, I want that, buy it for me”.. but I did not.
It was almost right on my fingertips and could have gone home with a MacBook Pro last Tuesday but the scene was reversed. Instead of me begging my husband to buy it for me, I begged not to even call the sales rep for product inquiry and yanked him to look for a much cheaper brand of laptop instead. We went out of the PowerMac store in Megamall with hubby scratching his head.
Hubby owed me big time and so when he heard my brother mentioning about that MacBook, he jumped at the idea that it could be his chance to make up with me. I thought he will fall off from his seat when I told him how much it costs but he just said okay. At the back of my mind, I thought why not? He had bought himself a P32,000+ worth of bicycle (on impulse) that he now barely use after he purchased it and so perhaps this is my chance to get even. (I should not care if it hurts his pocket!) Besides, it will be for my work-at-home job and not just to satisfy my whim.
My laptop retired after almost 5 years of service last week and as a work-at-home mom, it is a must that I replace it as soon as possible or else my work will be on peril. We inquired about different brands of laptop weeks before that and I had chosen my brand but had second thoughts of buying it. Unfortunately, dear lappy could not hold it any longer. It finally rest in peace.
Why did I backed out from buying a MacBook Pro? 
1. Because I couldn’t have the heart to take advantage on my husband. Yes, we had some misunderstanding and I know guilt is killing him and the only way he could think of to make up with me was to buy me a one time big time advanced Valentine’s gift/ PEACE OFFERING. No, I have other things in mind that he should do to be totally forgiven and besides I am loving how obedient he is these days especially when I ask help with the kids.
2. My frugal instinct acted up again. In my mind, I already made my calculations starting from the price of that MacBook Pro. And I thought of other things I could buy with half of its amount. My mind screamed “NO”.
3. I am not a brand-conscious person. Yes, owning any kind of Apple products could be something to brag about like that MacBook Pro. But then, I am the kind of person who would settle for less as long as I could get the same output from that product. It’s like when I bought our Samsung Point and Shoot camera, some people asked why not a DSLR? As long as I can take photos with my P&S I am perfectly okay with that. When I had a Samsung Smart Phone, I was asked why not an I-Phone? I lived with my Nokia for a very long time and it was already a huge upgrade for me owning a Smart Phone. And so I guess I could have another laptop with a cheaper brand and get the same performance and lifespan like my old HP Compaq. (Imagine 5 years?! Lol!) I wouldn’t need a MacBook Pro even with a willing financer beside me ^_^
4. I needed a laptop to use not to show off. I remembered my brother telling me that at least it would be classy to bring out a MacBook Pro. Yes, I know it is a top quality and high class brand but as I’ve said, I just needed something that is durable, dependable, and can keep up with me when I’m working. We ended up with a cheaper brand of laptop and though I didn’t get the chance to review it’s specs online, I believe it would be as good as my old HP Compaq Presario. Besides, I love the freebies we got along with that laptop.
I will make a different post about my new partner in my work-at-home career. Meanwhile, I need to catch up with my work back log so bye-bye and oh, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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